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I’ve been passive-aggressively venting on tumblr about my recent gyaru incident for a while now, but the collapse of Egg really magnifies my beef.

UGH. I hate western jfashion communities. I never really fit in among the Lolita, and now I am looked down on by the gyaru. Screw all of you!! Having forgotten that somewhere among the SRS BUSINESS that is alt fashion, there should be equal parts fun. Apparently not a single decision should be allowed to be based on fun and goofiness.

NO I don’t wear ~Burando~ but for real, creating cliques based on financial status is messed up. Gyaru are convinced that unless you own a bajillion pairs of circle lenses and false lashes, you don’t deserve to use up their precious oxygen.

My tipping point, beyond 100+ comments insulting everything from my eyebrows to my existence, was how the gyaru group members were surprised/unnerved by the presence of 15 year olds in a gyaru style video…….they blow my mind, they really do. No teenagers allowed, apparently, in the style derived from teen rebellion?? No orangey-fake tan allowed when wearing a substyle based on….bad fake tans??


I have no constructive way to vent, release, and harness my anger (having escalated from mere annoyance) with the so-called “Gajin Gyaru” comms. They are so determined to share the misery, it’d ridiculous.

((My immediate plan is to merge Yamamba with Lolita OPs to piss off both communities, plus wearing it to an anime convention to rustle the most judgmental jimmies. Y’all don’t own me. I refuse to force myself into the box you want everyone to conveniently accept.))

3-13-14: I read on EGL that Bodyline was having a free shipping promotion, so I went and checked out their inventory and see if anything caught my eye. Onepiece dress L213 was very cute and I had been eyeing it for a while, so I ordered it.

Price: ¥2,999  Shipping (Air mail): Free


4-7-14: Dress received. 4 weeks and 4 days (My last order last year took about 4 weeks to arrive. I don’t believe I did airmail, though)

The dress is cute, just as expected. It just requires a bell-shaped petti…which I don’t have. It looks equally good without any petti or with absolute minimal poof, as a nice sweet floral dress. I was hoping to wear it more himegyaru style but the lace screams sweet Lolita.


The bag was pretty torn up all down one side. Thank goodness they double bag because this could have been bad! This is the local postal system’s fault, but I am still surprised. With all the online shopping I do, I’ve never seen a bag in this condition.

IMG_2262 IMG_2265

Front of the dress and detail of bodice~ Check out that rose lace. It’s on many Bodyline garments. I like it very much.

I’m top heavy and I was able to fit easily in the top, but it does look strained. Take care to wear a tighter bra and watch for too much uniboob.


Sleeve- this polka-dot lace lines the hemline too!!

The sleeves are SERIOUSLY tight and too short. They are dainty little cap sleeves that barely go down my shoulder, which would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that the elastic is both itchy and overly tight. I had deep grooves on my arm after a day of wear ):

IMG_2268 IMG_2267

Back- mmm look at that shirring.



(super quick lazy photo. Mega deflated bodyline petti in use)


The dress doesn’t wow me. It fully meets my expectations, save the sleeves. Seams all around the bodice are pretty itchy, the lace is the usual Bodyline quality. Meh. I like it, I’m going to wear it frequently as a casual dress, not full Lolita. I’m glad I caught it during the no-shipping campaign, since I ended up paying only $30USD for it.

Bottom Line: I would rec this dress to others, but check your measurements thoroughly first and think about if the sleeves will bug you/if you are ready to make adjustments to make them more comfortable.




I attended on Saturday, having rushed like mad to make it in time to watch the Combat Musical, my annual Khaotic tradition.

Well, the musical was lame (I miss the great energy from last year’s cast, Archer was tedious, the groping and sexual humor was overwhelming and not funny, Catwoman’s cat puns, etc…) save the part where M.I.B. agents danced to Michael Jackson songs, but a tradition is a tradition.
At 2pm, I went to the lobby and talked for a long time with my local Lolita comm! We had a nice time and that probably was the least awkward, most friendly meet I have experienced. It was a small group, so after a while we split up, went to talk to a friend in Artist Alley, and occasionally walked around together.

Khaotic was in the usual Sheraton, nbd. I resigned myself to accepting failure with regard to trying to get a panel slot; apparently they ditched the myconsonline site for some other email/online form method without actually informing anybody??? So I missed out on my chance.
There were a TON of Homestuck panels, considering 4/13 is Sunday and all. Otherwise, I ignored the panel schedule, as it was veeeery sparse, per usual. There, in addition to the panels, was the normal screening room, tabletop room, gaming room, and autograph signings. The vendor room seemed smaller than last year, having more people selling odds and ends from their own collections than fulltime vendors. There was not a designated kpop or manga vendor, both staples of most other cons.

I did purchase one thing, however uwu

One of the English GLBS!!! From Autumn 2008. It’s amazing how much Lolita changed from then until 2010, when I came on the scene….


Common cosplays were SNK, hetalia (surprisingly enough), and Marvel characters. I saw a splash of Dangan Ronpa and other recent anime/anime game favorites. The biggest shock, however, was the lack of Adventure Time. For the past year, every con I’ve attended has been flooded with Fins, Fionnas, Bubbline couples, etc… and yet I only saw one Marceline today???
Overall, I had a great time despite the meager programming and sub par organization. I don’t have as much to say this year because I honestly did not see any big changes in feel from last year (I actually stayed longer this year, from 12 to 4:30ish. Last year I showed up for the musical, ate lunch, and left)

Shado and metro seem to be bustling with energy and expansion while Khaotic is stagnant.

Oh a whim, I searched “gyaru” within egl…and my own posts popped up! That and one post where a user asked for any available photos of mixing of gyaru and Lolita and ended up getting an earful about what an abomination gyaru is how they should never mix and how DARE YOU bring this up. Granted, it was back in 2007, but that still is far enough on the gyaru timeline to be moving away from the extreme Yamamba styles. (Nowadays gyaru is so discreet that I don’t think it would be as huge an issue)

It got me thinking “why do lolitas hate substyles and crossovers so much?” Yes, some gyaru complain about gyarusa members that cross between the lines, but the most open hostility to gyaru I’ve seen is on the Lolita side…

Lolita, as it stands, relies heavily on established rules. Every year it seems the enforcement gets stricter. Because of this, Lolita has barely evolved and retains its original form and aesthetic.  Gyaru, on the other hand, has been reformed so many times that each new generation approaches it completely differently. Modern neogal and mode gal hardly looks different from general “Fashionable girl” styles, save a few more false eyelashes. The tan, huge hair, and white makeup is all gone. (is that what, in particular, offended Lolita the most?)

Lolita accepts a small list of girly and modest substyles (Ero is often not included in masterposts- it hardly exists and many are excited to erase it forever) Lolita does not mix well with other fashion communities. The clothing itself is versatile but for some reason EGL is very reluctant to accept that.

Local comms in particular, in my experience, quietly punish those that can’t contain themselves within the “ideal Lolita” mold. Wearing any form of gyaru, regardless of look and style, lessens your credibility as a “True Lolita.”

I just can’t fathom it.

I’ll restrain myself from unleashing the rest of my rage at local comms and their bullshit, but my point is that for some reason, despite all these years and fads, Lolita is very intolerable of change and evolution, restricting the community. Yes, it keeps order, but it can be difficult for people who don’t like to keep to just one style. Mixing and matching and experimentation is accepted- as long as it is quiet and doesn’t catch on.

A new egl post of mine with pics from Gokinjo Monogatari

Spring is wonderful. It’s so warm and sunny and I get to tan on the beach starting tomorrow or the next day. Bought a new pair of sunglasses, a cute coverup, and nicer bathing suit pieces. I’m ready to go!
Vintage shopping. Ganguro makeup….

I feel excited and restless so I wore heavy makeup. Bring it on world! Maybe I’ll dance for a while and play Animal Crossing. gotta make these vacation days count!


I’m feeling pretty proud of my recent EGL post :)

Take a look? The theme for March is Old School Lolita!

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