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Lolita discovery

Posted on: August 10, 2011

I first heard of Lolita fashion three years ago. Now, I didn’t truly know what it was, but it was kind of like how even if you never actually come in contact with a show, just being an anime fan in general will cause you to learn about it at least a little bit.

I was still deep within my weeaboo phase, and was extremely in love with the outfits from Tokyo Mew Mew and Shugo Chara. I had seen the term “Lolita” used to describe the character Lettuce, although now I realize she was more moe. I started associating “Lolita” with anything childish or girly. I even went as far as to wish that I was “a moe lolita girl so that guys would like me.” (UGH, I know, I know)

After that, I started to focus on cosplay, and promptly forgot all about Lolita. Just about a year ago, I started to look back into it. Still lacking a solid understanding of the fashion, I made plans to buy a dress at the next anime convention.

A few months later, there I was, standing in awe of the vendor room. Close to the door was one stand proudly displaying a selection of school uniforms, cosplay costumes, and Bodyline merchandise! I thumbed through the rack until I saw a periwinkle dress with detachable sleeves. The vendor let me try it on (although I wonder why, because I was cosplaying Matryoshka Gumi and had my face coated in makeup), and instantly I knew it was the one. I shelled out my Christmas money, and skipped away happily. I was a Lolita now~

Once I got home, I started searching for more information on the style. I familiarized myself with all the main Lolita fashion blogs, and started to look into local sewing classes. (Up until that point, I had only sewn pillows and one pair of pajama shorts) I dreamed of the day the next convention would roll into town, so that I could meet up with other Lolitas, and maybe even buy more merchandise.

Well, I didn’t end up buying anything, but I did get to meet some incredible people, namely the group behind Pretty Pop Designs.

Now, I have made many (kind of unrealistic) plans for my future, about the clothing I will buy and make. I’ve met some really cool people so far, and I can’t wait to go to my first meet!

Speak your mind (or let the compliments flow. up2u ;3)

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