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Posted on: August 19, 2011

I think everybody should take a look at that website. When I first read it, I was glad to see that at least somebody was trying to spread that message. People today are way too obsessed with social networks.

The only reason I still go on Facebook is because it’s gotten to the point that not a single person communicates outside of it anymore. Nobody calls, texts, emails, or –gasp– mails. In order to talk to your friends, you must have a Facebook account.

I hate it all. Three years ago, we still talked on the phone together, I still received invitations to parties in the mail, and I still wrote lengthy emails to my friends from other countries. Now, the only thing flooding my inbox is Facebook notifications.

At first, social networking seemed like a blessing. Think about it, all your friends and family in one place, easy contacted at the push of a button. It really takes the hassle out of relationships. Talking face-to-face is just too much work! A new era has begun, an era where couples get together and break up without speaking a word, an era where you never have to directly meet anybody.

Why did we let this happen?!

It’s in our nature to be rude. Sometimes, you just can’t help but say the wrong thing. When that happens, you can just apologize, and move on. Well, not online. Your mistake is there for everybody to see, with no way to take it back. Once you type it, it’s there forever. In such an environment, it’s easy to just ignore the rudeness rather than try (in vain) to correct it.

Over the years, I’ve noticed my very best friends become meaner people. What seems awful in person is “harmless” online. To them, it means nothing to openly speak about how they did things behind each others’ backs, just because they’ll find out anyway. They’re just being honest, what’s so wrong in that?

A ton.

How is saying whatever you want, not holding anything back, being honest? Words hurt. For every harmless comment, somebody out there is being offended by your lack of common sense. I would just remind my friends to not post what they wouldn’t say to someone’s face, but they’ve started to believe that certain behaviors ARE appropriate for everyday communication.

We’ve lost the ability to be polite.

Speak your mind (or let the compliments flow. up2u ;3)

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