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Posted on: September 16, 2011

I hate school. I hate the awkward shuffling in the halls. I hate the friends I don’t have. I hate the hang-outs I’m excluded from. I hate being alone.

And yet, I love school. I love my teachers, my classes, the material that I get to learn. I love the clubs at lunch (knitting, anime, book club). I love sitting in the library and discussing everyday life with my classmates and the librarian.

I love the chance to truly better myself.

Today was amazing. I was wearing my favorite floral print dress from Forever 21 with a red cardigan and black ballet flats. I received compliments on my outfit, as well as one comment about the length of my hair. (Which is veeeeery long, naturally blonde, and in great condition, considerig the length)

In History, we occasionally gather around in a circle and just talk. Today, the teacher decided to have us say one nice thing about the person to our left. Most of the answers were generic and lacking meaning, but when my turn came, the boy next to me said that I was very smart. Later, in a discussion on economics, a teacher reiterated that.

I love history. The teacher has a very interesting and fascinating view on history and ways to teach it. (She believes that absolutely true facts are few to none. Everything is debatable, so you should never just accept what you read in a textbook as correct.)

The students are so kind. If I had to choose one group of kids to spend my whole schedule with, it would be this group. Despite their teasing and playful nature, every single member of my class treats each other kindly. I would do anything for these people.

As troubled as I am in making friends, I love being able to say that I have found a group of students that will watch my back and accept my passions.

In short, I love school.


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