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Troll Horn tutorial- Karkat

Posted on: October 10, 2011

Warning! Images!

Overall, smaller horns like Karkat’s are very simple to make and don’t require much skill. For anything larger, however, alternate methods must be used. Model magic is too heavy to use for horns any larger than Karkat or Sollux’s smaller horns.

I started with Crayola Model Magic. Using a plethora of reference pictures, I modeled the clay into Karkat’s nubby horns. (I made an extra set in case I messed up)

After shaping them, I set them out to dry for one full day. Make sure to not let the horns get stuck to the drying surface, and periodically rolls them onto a new side. (alternating between on the side and setting them down on the flat bottom.) The goal is to make crack-free smooth, rounded horns.

Once they have hardened enough, it’s time to paint! The acrylic paints I used were Craft Smart Bright Yellow 23672, and JoAnn Craft Essentials 7979693 and 5019526. (For the shade of yellow-orange in the middle, I mixed all three paints together)

I started by painting the whole horn yellow (23672)

Once that layer dried, I used the paint mixture for the middle.

Finally, I painted the darker orange (5019526) on the bottom.

Some people prefer to meticulously paint until the layers are even and neat, while others leave the lines messier. Both styles can be supported by the original webcomic, so either way works.

Depending on the materials used for the horns, and the final looks desired, several different methods can be used to attach the finished horns. The headband method (that is, attaching them to a headband the blends with the wig or hair color) is quite common, but for more elaborate designs, ssometimes cosplayers with attach them to their wigs, tie them to shoelaces or other fabric that is attached to the wig, or using alternate ways to support heavy and unwieldly horns.

I decided to attach my horns to a headband I purchased at Claire’s, using a low-temperature hot glue gun. They stayed on well while I wore the headband, but one horn fell off during the car ride home. Storing your horns safely is very important, so make sure to place them somewhere were they are cushioned or unlikely to be knocked around.


11 Responses to "Troll Horn tutorial- Karkat"

fantastic points altogether, you just gained a new reader.
What may you suggest about your put up that you made some days in the past?
Any certain?

So, the clay will dry when you leave it out? I’m sorry if I sound really dumb right now, but I’ve never actually worked with clay before, and I just want to make sure..

yup! That’s the beauty of model magic, doesn’t require any other human input.

oh my gog thank you for m8king this tutorial. i promised on of my friend i would m8ke their nu88y horns 8ut the one on DeviantArt really didn’t help. i just finished them and they look gr8! thank you so much

ii love kar and hii2 horn2 ;)and thank2 for helpiing me to make hii2 horn2 now ii can show hiim how good ii can make hii2 horn2;)

can you make a viido?

At the moment, I’m actually working on a comprehensive Vriska horn tutorial, so I’m sad to say that any cosplay info regarding Karkat is on hold.

So it only takes about a day to dry?

Can the same method be used to make some of the larger horns? Like Gamzee’s or Tavros’?

No, unfortunately. Since I was making smaller horns, I didn’t have to worry about supporting their weight. For larger horns, you need something strong underneath the clay, like wire, to provide the support needed to keep the shape. For information on making larger horns, I suggust checking out or :)

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