lilly in the rose garden

Days 13- 17

Posted on: October 18, 2011

Day 13- Your Favorite Vampire Movie Or Television Show
The Little Vampire :) Well, I don’t really like Vampires that much.

Day 14- The Best Pumpkin Carving You Have Done

Last year my friend and I made a pumpkin that was puking its own innards, with rubber cockroaches and everything.
Day 15- Do You Believe In Ghosts/Spirits?

Depends. I am a firm non-believer in ghosts or the traditional ghost tour/oh-so-very-spooky Halloween kinds of spirits, but I do have the slightest bit of belief that occult things may exist in this world.
Day 16- Your Favorite Zombie Movie or Television Show

Chopped: Halloween edition and Halloween Wars on the Food Network. No joke! The cakes they make are so incredible.

Okay, I also love all those cheesy old Disney Channel movies like Hocus Pocus or Twitches. One year, I watched a whole Goosebumps marathon on CN. My favorite episodes were the girls who bought a mask that took over their bodies. (And the best friend that is always dressed as a cat)
Day 17- What Is Your Biggest Fear?

Not anything Halloween-related except for needles. I mostly refuse to admit that I have any true fears, but I do highly dislike failure, being mocked, the usual stuff.


On a side note, I went to Epcot this weekend! I had a blast overall, but the best part was when I found what appears to be Angelic Pretty postcards in the store in Japan. Also, it was the food and wine festival, so I gorged myself. The food for Poland was sooooooo good. Too bad Japan and Canada were under construction :P

Speak your mind (or let the compliments flow. up2u ;3)

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