lilly in the rose garden

Days 22-25

Posted on: October 25, 2011


Well, International Hetalia Day was on Monday. I celebrated by working a Seychelles blue tank top and red ribbons into my school dresscode outfit. (But I didn’t get to watch any epsiodes. Oops!)

Homestuck day is technically 4/13, but the EOA flash is worth celebrating.

Day 22- Your Favorite Halloween Costume That You Have Ever Worn?
Probably the year I was a laundry basket (I was 7) The most popular girl in the grade copied my idea, and we dressed up together. Our school had a special Halloween parade around campus that the younger kids would do, and we had a lot of fun running around in our baskets.

Day 23- Your Favorite Werewolf Movie or Television Show

I can’t say I truly know of any werewolf movies or shows beyond the crude teenager ones. Since I don’t like the whole Twilight crowd, I tend to avoid any series with vampires or werewolves in it. :P

Day 24- Do You Believe In Any Superstitions?

Day 25- Do You Decorate Your House For Halloween?
Absolutely! I have these plastic skeleton flamingoes that I put up every year! I also put up generic skeleton and gravestone decorations, and coat the bushes in purple and orange lights. This year, I shook things up with a spider theme, adding spider clings to the front windows by the porch, and a few spiders on the lawn.


Also, EOA!!!!!!! I loved the video, even though I just started act 5 :) If the next convention wasn’t so soon, I would totally cosplay Jade in that outfit. (Buuuut, since I have two weeks to assemble the bulk of my Matryoshka Karkat, I’ll have to out that one on the back burner)

October is nearly over ): So far, I have loved this 31 day challenge. I feel bad posting so frequently, but it’s been a good way to remained committed to this blog. Over the past month, my focus has shifted away from lolita and mkore towards my hobbies and fandoms as a whole, which is actually pretty good. I was trying too hard, and upsetting myself. I feel so much more confident these days.


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