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Fun Times are headed my way

Posted on: November 11, 2011

Today I went heavy on the raccoon makeup and wore a bunch of mismatched neon hair extensions to go with my new vans and jeggings. I felt like such a typical teenager after a week of plaid skirts and kneesocks :) A ton of people thought the colors were my real hair. If only! (This summer, I’ll dye the tips pink, for sure!) It’s been weird, with temperatures finally dropping down to the sixties. It’s time to start wearing tights again. I kind of want to buy some cream leg warmers and layer those over my favorite ballet flats.

A week or so ago I worked a six-hour shift at a kind of re-enactment village. I got to dress up in old-fashioned clothing and run a toy activity area for kids. Next time, I want to wear a petticoat and a shawl. Adorable! (My skirt is a gorgeous shade of blue, and looks great with my lace up boots ahhh~)

Now, I’m prepping for my next big convention on Saturday. I’m going to show off my Matryoshka Karkat costume at the meetup, and participate in the Can Town Project photoshoot! I’ve been waiting for a chance to reconnect with my favorite fandoms for a while :3

Haha, so I’ll spend four hours or so at that tomorrow. I’ve already planned to bring rice balls as a snack. I’m meeting up with a ton of friends, and I can’t wait to see their reactions to my costume. It takes over an hour to paint just my face and neck gray.

11:11 on 11-11-11 was really fun. Everyone took pictures of the clock, 11 seconds in, on their phones. I was busy sitting at my desk, making a special (secret) wish. It was great remembering all the silly superstitions I had as a young kid. (My favorite: crossing two sets of fingers at a time is bad luck, so I had a special was of crossing my fingers so that a no point would there be exactly two sets.)

I love how most of the girls I know are excited for the Taylor Swift concert this weekend, while I’m figuring out a budget for an anime convention :D I wonder if it’s worth staying for the j-pop concert at eight…….hmmmm. Overall, amazing week, and I can’t wait to talk about the convention in later posts!


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