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Posted on: November 23, 2011

School is slowing down as Thanksgiving break approaches! Not that I can tell, since I have been working my behind off making up assignments I missed while I was sick last week. Oh, good times.

I’m excited! For Christmas, I’m ordering a dress, preferably from Innocent World. I’ve been browsing for a while now, trying to pick one out. Originally, I tried searching Bodyline for cheap stuff, but the prices ($23?! For a skirt?!) didn’t seem worth the shipping costs. u_u

I loved the article in this month’s Otaku USA on Kurgaehime, even if they skimmed over the importance of certain themes in the series. Kuragehime was one of the last animes I consistantly watched, and since then I have regarded it with utmost affection. I remember working out a schedule so that I’d have my homework finished by the time Kuragehime and OreImo episodes were subbed on Tuesdays. (I’d watch Hetalia in-between to myself over)

The show glazes over major plot points and condenses and re-writes the manga to fit in the 11 episodes. I took time to read the full manga last summer, and was glad to see more character development and natural turns of events as compared to the anime. (Truth be told, I just love Kuranosuke)

Now I just wish I had the time and interest to get into a series like that again. (Are You a Zombie is getting a second season! May just have to try that out again)


I miss Shadocon already. With work at the restoration village and other conflicts, I can’t attend a con until February! D: Even then, I may have to skip a day of Megacon in order to fit everything into my schedule. *cries tears of blood* At least I can dream.


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