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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season

Posted on: December 26, 2011

Happy holidays!
I’m so grateful; I received the Homestuck book, money for clothes, books, and a jewelry stand. I had fun messing with Wreck This Journal, and silently wept over the end of the main Shugo Chara series. (m-my babies!!! wah)

Shugo Chara was one of the first animes that I got into. A penpal from Germany suggested it to me, and shared my initial love of Ikuto. She’s moved on, but I will always regard it with nothing but adoration. At cons, it seems to be that one series that lacks a noticeable active fandom, but many people seem to know and like it. So much merchandise is available (humpty lock rings!) and when I wore my Amu costume in Orlando, tons of con-goers asked for pictures. One girl even asked me to do the “unlock my heart” catchphrase :3
Although I stopped watching the show once it became too filler, I continued to buy and follow the manga for years. It was a good fandom to ease into after the enormity of Tokyo Mew Mew, and led to my exploration of conventions. The message it tries to send is mostly positive, and Amu’s unique wardrobe has been the envy of many of my friends. I’m sad to see it go, but I’ve moved on, and will continue to enjoy rereading my manga collection.

Onto Homestuck-
Hussie has done a fantastic job adding extra humor in the first volume. His comments really made it worth the price. My mom had addressed it to Karkat, so I added a SBaHJ tag onto her gift. Overall, I was a total hamsteak today. I still don’t get the Kyle Massey joke, though.

Animal Crossing is consuming my life~ Picking the game back up after five years away was a great decision. I’ve already become attached to my neighbor Caesar. The animals in my town are a complete riot, and I have yet to run out of things to do. Yay childhood memories!


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