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Convention Report: Khaotic Kon

Posted on: April 15, 2012

Yesterday  I attended Khaotic Kon for about three hours. At first I didn’t even want to buy a con pass, and just hang out in the artist’s alley, but in the end it was worth it. Within minutes of arriving at the hotel, my friend and I went straight into the Khaotic Combat Musical.  The performance was a mashup of Doctor Who and various anime, cartoon, and video game characters. Some of the fight scenes were cheesy, but it was very entertaining overall. The crowd was moderately rowdy, giggling and singing along, even shouting out to certain characters on stage. I had a nice conversation with the girl sitting to my right, and left the main ballroom feeling excited for the rest of the con….

….until I realized that there wasn’t that much left to see. The artist alley boasted a better selection of artists than Shadocon, but the vendor room left me wanting more. For the first time in seven conventions, I left without buying any merchandise whatsoever.

My friend and I wandered the halls, searching for any panels to drop in on, but discovered that there were seldom few of those, either. We sat to eat lunch, took a few pictures, and left right as the maid cafe was preparing to open. I was surprised to see that there was very little Homestuck cosplay (which had been a huge fandom at Mega) and Hetalia cosplay was on the rise again.

I’ve been spoiled by Megacon and Metrocon, that’s for sure, but Khaotic felt anti-climatic. Shadocon was quite small in its first year, and even in its second year, lacked the panels and vendors that other conventions have, but still had enough going on to keep visitors occupied. Khaotic occupied an even smaller venue than Shado, and seemed to have less attendees as well. (I figured that because of the lack of overflow into outdoor areas- even the main lobby was not full to the brim by a long shot. If too many congoers had attended, the pool and outdoor walkways would have been in more use)

The convention has lots of potential! This con wasn’t advertised as much as I would have expected, and the lack of buzz was reflected in its attendees. Few of the people I know had heard of the event before I threw flyers at them. Once the word gets out more, it can grow, just like Shadocon did.

(no photos because I was closet-cosplaying, and I didn’t take too many pictures of other people. Plus, I don’t have any of their urls to credit them ):)

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