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Bodyline Review- 1 OP, 1 petti, 1 necklace (positive)

Posted on: April 21, 2012

I placed my very first order with Bodyline. I bought a necklace from the “last one” section, petticoat pan049 and dress 1447 in blue (gre)

I used DHL instead of EMS, since right now shipping is $10. I placed the order on March 25th, and received the package on April 13th. The pricing was reasonable, with the dress costing somewhere around $50. The petticoat was %27, and the necklace was $7.

Customer Service/communication: 5/5

I quickly received confirmation emails, and was able to use the tracking number to check its progress. I never encountered any problems.

Speed- 4/5

I wasn’t in any hurry, so 3 weeks seemed reasonable. It came just in time for Khaotic Kon, but then I decided not to wear it.

Packaging- 5/5


There was no noticeable damage, and each item was neatly packed into individual bags.

Construction 4/5

There were many loose threads and frays by the end of the first wear. On the other hand, the zipper is well hidden to the side and does not get stuck. (as opposed to my last dress, which had it right down the back, and jammed frequently)

The fabric is a nice and sturdy herring bone pattern, slightly nicer than just cotton. I assumed it would be a thinner fabric, but the quality of the garment is very satisfactory.

I’m also glad to see that the color is faithful to the website’s images.

There are many nice details to the dress, especially on the neckline. As you can see, the buttons are shaped like roses, and are surrounded by decent quality lace.

The sleeve is edged in lace as well, and looks very nice when worn.

As for the petticoat……wow. I didn’t expect so much poof from a $27 petti. I wore it for several hours and it hardly deflated. The only drawbacks are it is incredibly short and itchy!  I was surprised by its length, and feel a little disappointed that I can’t wear it with my longer dress. It’s still worth buying, but I really need a good pair of bloomers to wear under it in order to tolerate how itchy is can be, especially around the waistband.

Finally, the necklace! It looks pretty, but the chain is plastic and not metal. I have yet to wear it because minutes after removing it from its packaging, the chain broke. I haven’t had a chance to break out the pliers and repair it. I may end up buying a new chain to hang the pendant on.


11 Responses to "Bodyline Review- 1 OP, 1 petti, 1 necklace (positive)"

Oh my! What a beautiful dress! Post some cords please :)

I will the next time my friend and I dress up together :)

That dress is gorgeous ! I’ve never looked at it before on the website so I hope you post some coords with it,too :)

I definitely will post more pictures once I come up with a nice coord.
Thank you so much for the comment! :)

Does the size of the dress accurate according to the site? I have 86 cm bust, size L is too large for me and I’m afraid that size M might be too tight. And can you measure the arm’s width? I’m interested in this dress but still unsure what size I should get. Sorry for bothering you.

This dress runs slightly small.
My measurements are just within the confines of a S, but I didn’t want to risk it, so I ordered a size up. My bust is about 84 cm, and the size M dress fits just right, but not terribly loose. With this dress, there’s more leway because of the belt (there are no belt loops, and the belt is a ribbon belt, so you can wear it anywhere in any size) Because of the cut, some extra room shouldn’t make a big difference, and can be easily custom altered if need be.
Hmm, I’ve never really thought about it, but my best guess is to measure the circumference?

It’s not a bother at all! Thank you so much for you comment. :)

Oops! Sorry! I mean the sleeves not the arms. It’s very late here (at my place) so I couldn’t think straight, especially in other language. Yes, the circumference around the sleeves. I heard that many people couldn’t get their arms through the sleeves of some dresses, mostly the dresses with no elastic sleeves.

The sleeves don’t have any elastic and don’t fit too snugly, but because of the overlapping fabric design, restrict some movement. There shouldn’t be a problem getting them on, however. :)

Thanks! This help me a lot. By the way, I have the same necklace. Mine, a crystal came off and I still didn’t wear it. It’s beautiful, but the quality is quite bad.

No problem~
It’s so cute but so hard to wear ((´д`))

cute ^_^

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