lilly in the rose garden

What an adventure!

Posted on: June 24, 2012

“‘Cause different Doesn’t feel so different And going out is better Then always staying in”

-“Come Clean” by Hillary Duff (my jam when I was younger!)

It’s been raining nonstop lately, and on my way home I discovered that our street had flooded. I went out to check how deep it was (in one of my favorite sundresses, too!) and watched as the water creeped up my calf. Our car got through alright, but I decided to hand out in the rain anyway. I got completely soaked!!! It was fun, though. I had to avoid the (flooded) drainage areas, and the overflowing stream, but I still enjoyed myself. I haven’t played in the rain in years.

(Last year it rained a ton, but I locked myself in my room, glued to my computer. That was about the same time I began this blog, to deal with my loneliness. How far I’ve come in just one year!)


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