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Posted on: June 25, 2012

That storm yesterday led into a huge attack from Tropical Storm Debby, and we lost power all evening, and it didn’t come back on until 10:30. By 4am, all of the neighborhood’s streets were flooded, and water was creeping up our driveway. Sitting water on the lawn by my window (and a suspicious animal hole…)  led to water leaking into the house, dripping on my carpet. We pulled the carpet back, and smothered the area in towels. Luckily, after the main storm ended, one street drained properly, and my carpet didn’t get any worse.

The scary part is that the stream in the front of the neighborhood is spilling over into the street, and a lake is in danger of spilling over into the stream. If we tried, I’m sure a nice big SUV could get out, but I’m not ready to risk taking a car for a swim. Yesterday, before the main downpour, the puddles were a foot deep (the neighborhood rep ~officially~ had it measured and photographed). I can’t imagine how deep they are now! Good thing I’m not planning on leaving the house today.


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