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Posted on: July 5, 2012

Can I just ramble on a bit about hair? Okay, good, because I’m going to either way.

Earlier, I was searching for the right hairstyle to match my next lolita coord (for ConnetiCon), and I stumbled upon an online community dedicated to long hair. In the forums, I saw threads talking about everything from tutorials and hair care to progress pics and discussions about the journey to long hair. There were pictures of people (not just women) with extremely long hair- way longer than mine! (A rarity for me. I have the longest hair of all my friends)

Though the terms (BSL, Classic) were unfamiliar to me, I really got a feel for what the forums focused on, and I half loved-half disliked it. On one hand, it seemed like such a niche group that I could fit into. On the other hand, it raised my anxieties about my hair a ton. I’ve been getting better, but for all the length, my hair’s had a lot of damage.

Five years ago I decided to grow out my hair for locks of love, and grow out my bangs for good. My hair was about shoulder length then, and I grew it out to about waist-length. I did not get a single hair cut for a year, and the split ends were tremendous. I didn’t wash my hair every day (which I now know is actually preferrable) and I brushed it very harshly.

I hated my new cut, however. I donated 10 inches to Locks of Love, and had two more chopped off, bringing my hair to a little beyond my ears. I had become accustomed to wearing headbands daily to push back my bangs, so I continued to wear them. I joined a soccer team (it was a requirement, I’m not that sporty), and realized that my hair was at the worst possible length. It was long enough to get in my way, but too short for a proper ponytail. It took a headband (hardcore sports-type), multiple little pigtails, and various clips to keep my hair back. Thus, I vowed to grow it back out and never go that short again.

I resumed my haircut strike and went about my days ignoring the split ends. I slowly began to get maybe two trims a year. Now, I’m a bit more on top of it.

Because of my oily skin and eczema, I have to wash at least every other day. I generally shampoo and condition my hair every night. (Hey, nothing I can do about that. Too much oil buildup causes bad breakouts along my hairline and scalp)

Today, my hair hits just about my waist, once again. For a while, I have harbored thoughts of growing it out to my hips, but that seems to be an unattainable dream. The split ends form faster than my hair can grow! ;A; For a year or two, I’ve stalled at this length, with no major changes. I really just want hip-length hair already!! Ugh.

So, looking at people with hip or even knee-length hair wasn’t an inspirational event for me. It looks really cool (when properly maintained), but I just don’t think my hair can grow that long. For years, I kept it very short, and this is the first time I’ve tried to keep long long hair….. I try to minimize any damage, and I am constantly trying new things.

Last summer I tried to attempt DIY hot pink streaks and failed. I bought Hot Topic clip-ins and called it a day. This summer I went to a salon and had two inches of glorious pink tips…..for a week. Right now they’re still blonde, and I intend to dye them pink again before going to the con. (ATM I just got gum caught on the tips, and had to get it out. Luckily, that’s never really happened before, and a big glob of mayo was all it took to slide the gum out)

I love wigs, but the ones I bought on Ebay from China have way too small wigs caps, and I can barely keep the wigs on at times. My hair is soooo thick, it’s hard to keep it restrained. My head is small (so I need kid’s or smaller womens’ wigs) but my hair takes up so much space. Somedays I contemplate buying medium-length wigs in natural colors just to shake things up a bit while I wait for my dream hair. (No use in getting super long wigs- they’re mostly in unnatural colors, tangle easily and are a pain to untangle, and I have no place to store them. I keep my short wigs in their bags, stacked on my dresser)


Maybe I should stay off the internet late at night. All of my feelings start to dredge up.

2 Responses to "Hair"

Mine is about the same length as yours, and I’ve had it a bit longer… but one thing I noticed was that when it’s longer than this, it starts to get in things. Like kitchen sinks or plates (not sure why, it’s long enough to reach them now, but add about 6-12 inches and EVERY time I sit down at the dinner table, my hair is somehow ending up on my plate, which is kinda gross both for my food and my hair!). So I actually cut it when it starts to reach that point, even if it doesn’t have bad split ends yet, just because otherwise, I’m constantly getting the ends wet and dirty. D=

Yes! Getting hair caught in things gets very tiresome. I don’t really eat soup anymore cause of it. It’s a bit entertaining to my friends with short hair, though. Aaahhh they just don’t understand.

( I’m sorry for a late response. I never got any notifications orz)

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