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Con report- ConnectiCon

Posted on: July 17, 2012

This year, I got to attend my very first out of state convention- ConnectiCon. I stayed in downtown Hartford for the weekend, and went to the con on Friday and Saturday. I initially was a bit overwhelmed by the size and setup (plus the fact that the pre reg line was super long and outdoors), but in size it ranks between Metrocon and Megacon. The great thing was for all of the attendees, there was plenty of space to spread out in. The vendor room had a huge food court kind of area next to it, with plenty of tables, and the Marriott across from the center (where the screening rooms and library were) was nice and quiet. I spent a lot of downtime over there, reading in the manga library. (I really loved that setup. I wish we had that locally)

The convention had lots of events planned, with panels covering everything from Lolita basics to symbolism in NGE and Madoka to a brief history of dice. (not gonna lie, that was my favorite). The tabletop gaming area was impressive, and some really great artists were featured in the artists colony. The one downside? The vendor room itself.

After some conversations with con staff and regular attendees, I found out that they’ve been having some issues. The vendor room has shrunk greatly in size because of rising fees for vendors. All around, the con was understaffed- on Friday only 15 out of 45 volunteers showed up in the morning. (apparently some had gotten waaaay too drunk the night before……) Overall the vendor room was depressing (think slighty larger than Shadocon’s vendor room. Sad, right?) but I still blew through my money haha. There were almost an excess of manga stands, each offering fewer discounts than the one before. One great find was a used manga stand- old and rarer titles for about five bucks each! I loaded up on my favorite old series. I also ran into a few vendors that I recognized from back home, which surprised me.

Otherwise, the convention had a lot of great features. Panels were organized a bit confusingly, but ran smoothly. Meet ups had no problem finding space. The space in the Marriott was used efficiently and provided great places to hide from the main crowds. Hartford itself had a little less to offer- we struggled to find restraunts by our hotels- but did provide a free shuttle service that swung by the convention center.

Popular costumes that weekend included anything Marvel or DC, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Ramona Flowers, and some Homestuck. (some girls were complaining about how Homestuck fans were overtaking the con, but I honestly didn’t see that many at all. Definitely fewer than Metrocon. They also were the kind that either were really really good or absolutely horrible. I hardly saw any mediocre or in the middle costumes.) I just wore Lolita both days.

I also attended my very first Lolita meet up on Saturday, run by the mind behind Ramble Rori. I had a blast meeting local lolitas and getting a feel for what styles are popular. (I’m starting to prepare for my Shadocon Lolita panel) I even bought a nice Bodyline skirt! (yaaaaay) I enjoyed every minute of it.

The convention was a lot of fun and I hope to return next year, if possible. All the hometown cons I go to are run by just about the same people, so getting to experience a completely foreign con was a nice treat!

(I can’t post any pics because I’m not on my laptop, and all of the pics I took are still on my camera. I’ll post them soon)


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