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Posted on: July 29, 2012

I don’t post here as often anymore because I have a tumblr account, and I can’t seem to justify logging on here just to post the inane sentence that is currently on my mind. This blog has veered away from the personal focus that I had envisioned when I began it a year ago (yay anniversary coming up!).

I’ve always dreamed of running a more professional and informative blog that others could use as a good resource. At the moment, all I have to contribute is my experiences buying lolita clothing and my trips to anime conventions. (All of which seem better suited to a livejournal journal imo)

When I first created this blog, I was using it as a crutch in order to cope with current issues. (school starting. stress, no sense of belonging, very limited social interactions, I was pretty much kicked out my old clique). I don’t need such a crutch anymore! I have friends I can rely on! I have joined some great communities, irl and online. So, the question is what should I do with my blog???

Running too many blogs and accounts at once is overwhelming. Currently, I am active on livejournal, wordpress, tumblr (3 active blogs), and Rinmaru. I barely can keep track of everything! I initially did not want to get into the tumblr blogging style, but I found that most communities are moving off of the older sites and migrating to tumblr and facebook.

I enjoy typing loooooong text posts, which are not the main focus of the tumblr blogging style. I like the ability to save and share photos, but i have no original photos of my own to share, thus I prefer text blogging. There are plenty of popular lolita blogs more like that (mostly on blogger/blogspot and not wordpress), but I feel like I have not captured that blogging style either!!

I am not terribly good with computers, and I can’t do much beyond the basics. I am a bit behind in the realm of web design, and I struggle to move beyond templates and standard themes. I want to have the cool look of other lolita blogs, but I just don’t know how to do it…….. I hope that changes this year, as I take a yearlong course that heavily involves learning how to use photoshop.


My time will be limited once school begins, (big essay on the first day! ugh) but I would love to do a big blog overhaul and clean it up before the one year annivesary. Gosh???????

Speak your mind (or let the compliments flow. up2u ;3)

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