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Purikura???! In my very own town?!!!

Posted on: January 21, 2013

Well, that title is a bit misleading. It should read “A sub-par purikura rip-off that I will continue to use anyway because there is nothing else similar in this whole gosh darn timezone.”

I was at the local arcade (woot in the sketchy part of town at night too!) when I found a small photo booth that boasted a touch screen and photo editing capabilities. It’s the “Snapshot photo booth” by LAI Games, and considering I wasn’t paying for my swipe card, I decided to try it out. (It took 7 credits!!! I was sad that my hour-long infinite credit card expired and I had to use my credit swipe card instead. wahh)

It had three main options-

Quick shot, which gave you 6 shots  with limited filters but many nice layouts. It only prints one sheet, but the amount of layouts, both good for individual and group sharing, made up for it. In that mode, the only edits available were switching from color, black and white, and sepia.

Second, there was “Fun Mode” This was the area where you could use stamps, frames, filters, and freehand drawing. You took four shots and then choose two to keep and decorate. Once again, there were nice layout options, but they seemed like a waste when only two photos would be used. My next gripe is the lack of decent stamps. There were no hearts, stars, or flowers, but rather vulgar images and sayings (women in bikinis, phrases like “smokin’ babe” or “hot stuff” or even “swagg”) No time or date stamps, and no way to type in your own text. Well, then just write it in with the pen, right? Wrong. It was veeeery difficult to draw on that screen, and ONLY the stylus pen would work on the screen, no fingers. The frames were also limited, so I stuck with very simple ones. The person I was taking the photos with wanted to use one of the multiple gun-themed frames, however. Yikes!Finally, this mode still only had the three filters as in Quick shot mode.

The third mode was “Theme mode,” which I did not try. The website says that it’s best for “face positioning, skin color choices, and cartooning.” The samples shown on the site don’t impress me much, showing a narrow range of images to put your face into, one being a sexy S&M catgirl. Uh what…..

The funny thing is that one of the example photos actually has Japanese writing on it and looks like it’s trying to look like more traditional purikura.

At the very end, it gave an option to use bluetooth to send the pic to your phone. I have a dumb phone, so I didn’t bother, but apparently the machine is Facebook and email compatible as well.

Overall, I think it’s a huge step in the right direction and much better than the bland four photo strip photo booths already in place. I wish to see booths more like this in places beyond special arcades like this one, like at theme parks and movie theater arcades. I would most definitely take photos with this booth again, no matter my issues with it. I could find better stamps on purikura apps online, but the convenience made it a fun way to end an evening with friends.


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