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Con Review: Megacon 2013

Posted on: April 6, 2013


IMG_1397 Excalibur!!

This con always takes my breath away, and I’m leaving happier than I was last year. (Maybe it’s because the huge changes are more gradual this year?)

I woke up at 6 am to paint myself grey for homestuck cosplay. Now, considering I was up until midnight the night before desperately hovering over my horns with a hairdryer, begging it to dry quicker, that’s pretty impressive. (Protip: make horns days in advance.) Plus, I didn’t have any good, working blue lipstick on me, so I resorted to blue eyeshadow (Protip: DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!! NO MATTER HOW DESPERATE YOU ARE!!!!! I AM STUPID)

Somehow, I made it out the door and arrived at 9 am ish, after ticket sales began but before the actual con opened. For the first time, I actually forgot to pre-reg :O Surprisingly, there was barely a line for buying tickets. I had feared the worst, but maybe spend 15 minutes before I had my wristband.

I still hate how they organize the vendor room. The lines are disorderly and chaotic, and there’s so much wasted space. Lucky for me, I had a friend waiting in the front of the line, so I cut ahead and joined the first wave of people storming into the vendor room. My mom attended the Will Wheaton panel and said the same about crowd management.

I did not like the whore cage, mostly because my two guys friends wanted to go in it. Apparently there was an hour and a half wait to get into it. Whut.

There was a ton more steampunk this year, emphasised by the large Steam Powered Giraffe meetup I saw. They did such a good job imitating the band’s face paint!! They started to sing in the hallway. Also, in addition to the usual amount of Homestuck, there was a huge resurgance in Hetalia cosplay. Overall, much less Adventure Time than last year, with the remaining cosplayers focusing more on the genderbends. I saw a good deal of lolitas, compared to Metro (at least 10) and even one Manba! A ton of people were wandring around in Kigus, too….


Nyan Sugar Neko Girls

I dressed as Vriska from Homestuck. Early in the morning there weren’t any other Vriskas, so I received a lot of attention and photo requests. Only afterwards did I realize my horns were on backwards T_T so embarrassing. Later in the day more arrived, however. I left before the HS meetup began.

I scored! The loot I brought home was a new skirt ($5!), a Rikkakuma phone charm, a September 2012 issue of Egg, 3 mangas (Othello, KKJ), 2 Neon Genesis Evangelion comic books (not mangas!), and some other Avengers comic books.

Overall, I left the con feeling much more positive than last year.


My Vriska costume


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Yay, I’m glad you had so much fun!! That sounds totally wicked! ^^ You make the best Vriska omg!!

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