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Convention report: Khaotic Kon 2013

Posted on: May 4, 2013

It felt good to be back in the Sheration hotel lol. I should feel so attached to it since it’s the small, crowded ones that’s a 45 minute drive from home and has like no good points to it. Aaaand yet I always feel nostalgic. The site of the first two years of Shadocon and Tampa Anime Day, this hotel was a perfect fit for Khaotic Kon.

Last year, it was in the downtown Doubletree, a hotel so small, no con can successfully thrive there. (See: the recent disaster that was Tampa Bay Comic Con, when they refused people entrance because of fire hazard and overcrowding) Khaotic is still a very small con, but seems to be growing (not at the same rate as Shado, however). I liked the location a lot better this year. The line for registration was short, and even the looong line for the combat musical didn’t even touch the lines I’ve seen at Metro for basic panels. It wasn’t too crowded (very few people spilled in the pool area) and beyond the poorly spaced vendor room, I had next to no issue with crowds and finding places to sit. It seems there was a free buffet today? I don’t know, I brought my own food as usual, but it meant the whole café/restaurant area was open for con use and seating.

The combat musical was neat. It continued last year’s story, with some old and some new characters. I probably should have refreshed myself on the plot before watching, but nevertheless I found it entertaining. My friend who accompanied me caught the Code Geass references, while I loved the inclusion of Queen Beryl and Jack Spicer. The fight sequences, although less ambitious than last time, seemed better coordinated and well-rehearsed. I will definitely return next year.

Common cosplays were, as usual, Homestuck and hetalia. A resurgence in Hetalia is evident in the rise of APH themed panels, even outnumbering Homestuck panels. I saw some Off, but I was disappointed at the lack of Dangan Ronpa, given its current internet popularity. I only saw two, maybe three other lolitas all day, but I didn’t expect much from such a small, lesser-known con.

I would have liked to stay and check out the new manga library, but I ran out of time. I used up all my money today, but managed to score two OreImo phone charms (Saori pose 2, Manami), a blind box figurine from OreImo (scowling Ayase), and a CD (Para Para Max Us Mix 1). I’ve been really into OreImo lately because of the second season, plus the enthusiasm of my friend makes me want to rewatch the first season haha.


Ain’t we purty? ;3


I think I may have seen a rise in Pokémon gijinkas, but that may have just been because of the combat musical////

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