lilly in the rose garden

Posted on: May 11, 2013

I love the internet sometimes.

So I purchase socks on fb from a local Lolita, and had to deal with paypal for the first time and yay it was fun until the credit card account was frozen for dumb reasons. But, when they arrived in the mail, the package was addressed to “Lilly Rose” Obviously, I don’t use my full, true name on the internet. (More a matter of separating school life from con life but whatevs, that line is blurring)

It took me a minute to realize that my fb account and my paypal message to her all contained that name and not my “”””true”””” (aka legal) one. I love that. It doesn’t matter what my birth certificate says, if I say I’m Lilly Rose, people will accept that. They don’t know me personally. How are they supposed to say otherwise? And in the Lolita and other fashion communities, it’s common to adopt a new, in-community name. (I adopted Lilly primarily because I thought it sounded more Loli)

So, despite any misunderstandings the multiple names cause, I enjoy the fact that I can just be Lilly for a while and enjoy it.

Speak your mind (or let the compliments flow. up2u ;3)

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