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Response to fyeahlolita post

Posted on: June 14, 2013

the post in question:

God, I love this. I started attending cons in 2009? 2010? and never saw any lolitas. Then, at Metrocon 2011, there suddenly was a ton of them! (Sadly I was decked out in my ita worst at the time, so I didn’t have the nerve to talk to them) That year even saw some old school gyaru..Since then, I’m more used to seeing maybe five at bigger cons? I always manage to miss meetups, as well orz.

Reading this post made me think of ConnectiCon 2012. Normally, I have under an hour drive to my fav cons. That was the first time I had to pack up my bags and fly. When driving, you can splay dresses out over the back seats and trunk, and leave delicate headdresses and hats out separate from your bags. I don’t even wear my petti- I put it on when I arrive. I packed my coords and other misc con stuff in a small suitcase and took it on the plane as a carry-on haha. (I’m being sooo repetitive, I had live blogged the experience here and on tumblr. I’ll shut up now)

As my friends can attest, I am a pain to travel with when it comes to cons. I have a huge checklist and schedule laid out that EVERYONE. MUST. FOLLOW. This post actually lists almost all of those things.

“Plan your outfits around a single pair of matching shoes”- Don’t be me and wear brand new 3 inch heels at the con. I did break them in first, but in the end I wore my beat-to-crap ballet flats until the meetup, when I then switched into my pretty shoes. I have not worn heels again since. Rocking horses are different, though. I own platform shoes that are soooo comfortable, despite the height. Make sure your shoes have good traction.

“Hang it all up when you get there”- yes yes yess. I wanna add, depending on how you traveled, make sure to fluff up your petticoat, whether it means borrowing a friend’s clothes dryer or sitting in the hotel bathroom with some spray starch.

“Bloomers or shorts to wear under skirts”- I’m actually going to argue this one. Yes, cons have escalators and stairs and perverts. I think it’s better to say that should this be something that bothers you, have something underneath to cover up. BUT in summer it gets too hot (upper 90s sometimes during metro god) and I don’t think anyone will judge you if you decide to ditch unnecessary layers. Staying cool, whether outside or in the crowds indoors (don’t rely on decent air-conditioning) is more important than upholding supposed Lolita “”””rules”””””

“Pick-me-up food you can keep in your purse”- I carry full-sized 12 inch subway sandwiches. True facts. (Check the venue’s rules about outside food. Most of them don’t care, though)

That just about covers it. I hope to see more fellow lolitas this summer before the con season slows down~!!


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