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Con Review- Tampa Bay Comic Con

Posted on: August 24, 2013

Someone remind me again why I wanted to do this?


(Maybe he can make it all better)


Ok so compared to other local cons, this one gets like twice the media attention which amazes me because I don’t think a single year hasn’t had major issues?? The hold it twice a year and last time, the hotel they used was so small they had to turn people away at the door because fire code and maximum capacity. Today, it was at the con center, but not all of it. Just the west wing. Uh.

It was a disaster. I arrived only to join a line that snaked around the outside of the building. That line led indoors to a large ballroom (the metro vendor room) where the line continued to weave around. Only, that wasn’t the ticket line, like my friend and I expected….it was the line to get to the ticket line. That line led up the (non working) escalators to another long roped-off line area (the metro artist alley). Wtf. So we kinda snuck past the security guards and cut in line to the actual ticket line because aw hell na not all of this bullshit for a $20 ticket (Less than metro!!)



(What is this hell)

After that, we hit the vendor room which didn’t totally suck. We played DDR at the Gametime booth and got our pictures taken at 2 different booths. I got to talk to my Lolita pal Brittney and later when we were eating lunch, a nice woman we met at a friend’s panel at Shado sat with us! After my friend left, I began to dance para para by the vendor room only with no music….my speakers broke….people came up and joined me or talked to me just as much as at metro, however!

Very few people were in cosplay as compared to anime convention standards. It was weird. I saw some homestucks, 3 lolitas, and a handful of assorted anime/other costumes. There were some great comic costumes and some bad Halloween costumes. But mostly, there were a TON of little kids. I stuck out like a sore thumb, just as planned.


(why am I so cute)

It was fun overall, but they need to get their act together. The lines for the lines for the lines consumed the majority of rented space, which created chaos and blocked the way for those with tickets. Attendance felt about the same as Metrocon, and yet it was so much harder to navigate…


Speak your mind (or let the compliments flow. up2u ;3)

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