lilly in the rose garden

based on a conversation i had today

Posted on: August 28, 2013

So today I mentioned to a friend that I wish summer would never end. He, of course, thought I was crazy (he wants to move to Canada, thus I disregard his opinion entirely) but another friend stuck up for me. June is nice- wet and warm. The humidity is building up but it’s generally sunny and in the mid-80s. June is for summer camps and trips. The beach is ok, but the water is still a bit cold and it’s not as favorable. July is hotter, 80s to 90s. That’s when you hide indoors on the computer or take trips up north where it’s cooler. August, you start to worry about supplies shopping and summer reading. The heat is unbearable, the hurricane season is strongest, and it pours rain everyday starting at 4pm. The bugs are ridiculous and the sun is stifling. It the prime time to go to the beach in a last-ditch effort to have summer fun before school starts.

I loved this summer because I spend more time active and outdoors, and my new gyaru style meshed well with summer trends. Neon, beachy print shorts, 90s grunge crop tops, blue stripes…. A little hint of tan, big flower hair clips, and plenty of spare time to work on makeup.

School means less time to work on hair and makeup. Last year I never left the door without at least foundation, but I’m not bothering thus far….it melts right off. I can’t wear my gyaru clothes so I’m back to quarter-length sweaters and knee-length dresses with ballet flats….which is still me but not as fun anymore.

I was desperate for October last year, but now I never want it to come. My new definition of fun depends on the promise that summer never ends. September is still hot as hell, but the attitude is different. The atmosphere is less “Let’s cut loose!” and more “School’s in session, got responsibilities, and autumn’s almost here anyway….” I hate that.

I guess this ties in with my now-present fear of change and people leaving us after this year. Time’s moving too fast as my carefree days diminish…..

Speak your mind (or let the compliments flow. up2u ;3)

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