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Big news, bigger responsibilities

Posted on: October 5, 2013

I meant to type this out waay back on Monday but here I am, 10:30 pm the night before Shadocon, relaying events nearly a week old. So remember how I hosted that fashion panel back at Metrocon and some women came up to me afterwards, asking if I would participate in their fashion show? No? Well ok.

So I took them up on it, obviously. They represent the J-club at a local university(!!!) and this is their 4th annual Japanese Fashion Show. I arrived at the first meeting and they immediately put me on the spot to discuss gyaru!!!

It was a bit weird, yknow, being the youngest person in the room by a significant margin. But I was treated with respect- I am the reigning local gyaru expert. Nobody volunteered to model the style, which I expected, but in the end I get to work with two lovely students. I am the stylist pulling together three looks for the show…yes, three. I am also modeling one style. That means that I get to have my makeup done by students from a local makeup school and walk the runway and everything.

It’s been a lot to process, since I am responsible for providing the clothes for my models. So that was on Monday, so I didn’t get to dive into planning too much because, oh yeah school, and also this Saturday (tomorrow) is my next panel!!!! (lots of exclamation points tonight. I have caught my second wind)

So there.


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