lilly in the rose garden

Posted on: November 3, 2013

High fashion is on my mind today. In newspaper sections, in magazines and ads.

It’s really not for me. I like my style to come from the bottom up.

Here I am, window open, enjoying the fresh November breeze, still missing October and its invaluable memories. I have the inspiration to sketch something BIG, something sophisticated and way out of my price range. Avant Garde, even. I want my name in lights, people flocking to see and critique and adapt my creations.

But at the same time, they don’t sell that stuff at Forever21. This season is grunge, 90s, velvet and shiny and plaid. That’s totally ok, but it’s not me and its not unique.

I love my clothes, my style. I like flashy, bright and cheerful. I want to wear what stands out while still reflecting my personality. And I’ve found that perfect fit. But I just want some people to share it with, who have more common interests.

I am not going to be sophisticated today.


Speak your mind (or let the compliments flow. up2u ;3)

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