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I don’t know why I keep dragging my heels on this post. Perhaps I’m not sure what tone to use, what light to cast these events in? Certainly, there were some major clunkers but I should instead sit here in awe of what great opportunities this presented me with.


Onto the main attraction: I was in a local fashion show!

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So back during Metrocon, some people came up to me after my panel and asked me to be a stylist in their Japanese Street Fashion show. So I started attending committee meetings and fell in love with the group. It’s the J-club of a local college not too far from downtown. I was the stylist, as well as a model, for gyaru. The two models I was working with were so so nice and honestly if I went to that school, they probs would be the people I’d hang out with.

I provided all of the clothing. Those two were dressed in kogal attire, with makeup and hair based off old Egg scans. I tried to emulate the Black Diamond girls, earning myself the nickname “Boots with the Fur.” Other style groups represented were Lolita, Shironuri, Bosozoku, Rockabilly, Visual Kei, and Avant Garde.

So that Saturday, I arrived at the meeting room at 10am. We sat around, got dressed in our outfits (dumb in retrospect. I should have changed juuuust right before hair and makeup. I was so sweaty after rehearsing and helping setup), and ended up killing time for hours. We practiced our walks and skits with music and helped arrange tablecloths and decorations for tables in the ballroom.

Around 1pm the hair and makeup crew from a local cosmetics school arrived, set up their gear on some tables, and got to work. It was a free-for-all essentially. Stand in a huddle and get your look finished by 5pm. As stylist, I hopped around, observing my two models, providing reference photos and making comments to the stylists before getting my own hair and makeup done. It took hours getting everyone ready- we finished just in time for a brief dress rehearsal on stage.


(My makeup looks alright in this pic, save the ridiculous plastic, untrimmed false lashes, but tbh I could have done better myself. Next year, should I do gyaru again, I will do the makeup for myself and my models. This woman had a hissy fit bc she couldn’t find her pencil sharpener and couldn’t figure out how to use liquid liner. Whut.)

For some unknown reason, the actual show started an hour late. A dance team from another college and a martial arts group gave presentations before we hit the stage. After us there were taiko drummers, a performance by Chii Sakurabi, more dancers, and a Vocaloid hologram concert. All this and a provided dinner for a free event! I was asked to help serve food once my segment was over, so I used it as a chance to scope out the crowd. I saw an internet friend, girls from the local loli group, and a Lolita wearing an Atelier Enchanteur (Now Belladonna) octopus skirt!

All in all, it was a great experience and I hope this can get me in contact with my next big thing. I hope I can participate again next year. I feel like it was helping and will continue to spur my growth as a gyaru.


My modelling debut

2 Responses to "My modelling debut"

omg so exciting!!! :D you look fantastic!!
“boots with the fur” aaahahaha thats p funny!

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