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new 30 day challenge!!

Posted on: December 4, 2013

New for December 2013, as my way of recapping the year and prepping for 2014, I have decided to try another challenge. My updating is more sporadic now than in October 2011, the last time I did one, but hey- I update as I please.

Here’s the first 3 days:

1. Look up your horoscope for today and tell us how accurate you think it is.

“Turn one part of the project over to someone you feel is more qualified to handle it. There’s no sense trying to do everything yourself when you know someone out there is better suited to the task. Today calls for a steady and patient hand. If you don’t think you have the skills, admit it. You’ll gain more respect by delegating than by trying to muddle through”  This doesn’t feel terribly accurate because today I worked solo and succeeded greatly and to take it literally, I am not currently engaged in any real projects. Yes, there is one person I rely on a lot and whether or not I admit it publically, it is obvious to anybody that knows us. I am perfectly qualified for what I am engaging in this year. I am not always steady and rarely patient, but I am consistent and hardworking and a high achiever so

2. Lyrics to a song that fit your current mood/situation.

Everybody dance Everybody take a chance I got the rhythm in my heart Got to have it, baby

Day by day you live in harmony Step by step enjoy your fantasy La la la can do it hi hi hi you have to Try to dance another time with me

-Selections from “Everybody Dance” by Lolita.

Haha eurobeat rarely has really really good, even remotely deep lyrics, but this is not a time in which I feel the need to be deep or intellectual. I can be super smart and capable but still love losing myself in a catchy beat.

3. The 5 most memorable things to happen to you in 2010.

Here’s where you can tell this challenge is dated. But to be fair, 1. would be the mixed blessing of becoming interested in a certain Nick, a decision/inevitable happening that has caused me much pain and extreme happiness. 2. is joining (even despite leaving) the best Hetalia community facebook has ever known. They gave me so much support and strength and a sense of longing, plus the laughs and streams and fanart I loved.

3. Honestly, was the year ending and 2011 coming and going, an me having the maturity to reach out and make a change prior to the next school year. I am eternally grateful to the internet for brief periods of sanity.

Speak your mind (or let the compliments flow. up2u ;3)

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