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Dec2013 days 4-6

Posted on: December 6, 2013

4. A short note to each of your exes.

This is very rude. Well. I have one ex. And although I made the decision to cut it off because I felt we were not right for each other, I stand by my statements that he is a caring, dedicated person. Immature, complicated, insensitive? Yes. But sweet and loyal and he meant a lot to me at the time so I have no regret that we were together. I do wish I had cut it off sooner and saved myself the tears and the fights and the screaming that I like to believe at least affected both of us equally. I just want to see him reach out and find his own happiness, to feel save and loved and appreciated for what he does.

Not what you were expecting?

5. The subject you love most at school and why

I’m an A+ student in everything but math and I have few preferences, since my course selection sheet is very short and limited. I pretty much get told what I’m allowed to take, so there.

English is boring because, despite my affinity for language and literature, the teacher is always either too easy or dull and unreasonable. The content of my classes is usually sub-par. My independent focus on prose and poetry teaches me more. In fact, Latin prepared me better for our rhetoric unit than actual English class.

Various sciences and I….have a love-hate relationship. Any interest in it that I once had has shrived away and died.

Latin, I no longer take. Spanish is just easy, filler credits. My heart does not belong to Spanish.

Math…I utterly adore my teacher and leaving her after two years will be difficult, if anything just because of the moral support she has provided. My grades and perceived abilities, however…..will not be taking me very far. I am taking advanced math because I have little choice now that I have half-way completed this academic track, and because it looks good for the next big step, but I do not feel it will ultimately benefit me. I’ll forget it all and exist on a basic Algebra I and II need-to-know basis.

History. Only sections of it do I like. Teachers, who are varied and sometimes good but brutal but other times weak and ineffective, aren’t much of a factor here. Euro: old white guys ruining everything. US: I don’t care for the blind patriotism I am being spoon-fed. I’m basically teaching myself the material out of a (imo) poorly-written textbook. World History was awesome, though, because I got a taste of new cultures and hidden events that other, less-dedicated teachers would have skipped. I don’t know what to do next year, though, and it bothers me. Euro sounds dreary but my only other ~~~acceptable for my track~~~ choice is AP Gov. Ew.

6. 5 things you like about yourself/think you’re good at.





5. yeah no but really, I have a hard time coming up with these because it’s such a “situational, rise-to-the-challenge” everyday happening. I have many things I’m proud of, some too personal or silly or mundane for me to bother typing out. I just like me.



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