lilly in the rose garden

Dec2013 days 7-9

Posted on: December 9, 2013

7. Your opinion on your body and how comfortable you are with it.

When I was younger, puberty and all, I hated it. I hated the lack of control I seemed to have over my own self, like the change was so rapid without any way to combat it. So, I hid myself away in ill-fitting clothing that barely reflected who I was as a person. I got so used to loathing and hiding, rinse, repeat. Then, I started to feel better but was in a clothing rut and besides, I had better things to do that worry about appearance, right? But people didn’t take me seriously as a person, as a girl, given my sloppy hidingness. So I stepped up my game. By forcing myself to embrace femme fashion (yes I had fucked up ideas about gender expression norms) I also forced myself to accept my physical self, after years of adjustment. I was older, more mature. I slowly moved towards more flattering, tighter clothes until I found styles and cuts I liked that screamed me without compromising my values. I love myself. Sure, given the option, I probs would switch around a few things. I look at myself and the people around me and I don’t see imperfections like media does- I see people that exist in a space that allows them little breathing room. So I constantly remind myself of how bangin’ I look, how my legs carry me where I need to go, how my arms stretch far, how my core is slowly strengthening. I don’t weigh myself. I don’t worry at all when I wear crops tops and short shorts, only to the extent of is something vital showing that I don’t want hanging out. I like me. I just really do.

8. Tell us the last person who texted you.

Him, naturally. and my girlfrond. but mainly my kismesis.

9. Your current relationship status and how happy you are about it.

Got my kismesis of 8ish months, my moirail of 3 years and my auspice so I’m good to go.


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