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Dec2013 10-12

Posted on: December 12, 2013

10. 5 things you dislike about yourself /want to change, and why.

Why would I stop and dwell on this? I don’t think I can come up with 5 things. I would simply have to lie.

11. Tell us the last person who hurt you.

Side note: who is this us. I am talking to myself in the venue of a blog. losers.

What kind of hurt? Physical: nobody. Emotional: probably myself. I’m more the inflictor than the victim sometimes.

12. 3 things that irritate you about people.

1. entitlement like crazy. There’s this girl who, on her sweet 16, wore a tiara and a “birthday princess” sash all day and got a sweet car but started parking in the SENIOR ONLY parking lot as a SOPHMORE and refuses to move her car to the correct lot. Everytime she talks, it’s all whiny. I don’t like this, take it out of the class curriculum. She never paid attention or respected the teacher and gave everybody attitude idk cuz she was older? Well, honey, I’m your upperclassman here to tell you to cut that shit out.

2. Why don’t people ever respect teachers. They are paid shit wages to teach snot nosed brats like you. If you want to sit on your ipad all class period long or just skip it twice a week, don’t sign up for the course. Easy. And if you for some reason need to leave the room, tell the teacher where you are going so we don’t have to start a manhunt w/ the front desk ladies to find you. GOSH.

3. “Well, I can see his point-of-view, but I have a hard time empathizing with him since I have NEVER had to resort to VIOLENCE to solve MY problems.” Oh can it already, we get it, you ask daddy to throw money at your problems until they go away. Stop trying to force your opinion on us all.


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