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Dec2013 days 25-30

Posted on: December 29, 2013

25. A picture of you a while ago/a picture of you now and your thoughts.

Ugh I am so lazy though

IMG_0273 - Copy

above: If I had to describe myself and my childhood in one photo, it might be this. Or maybe the one where dad put the dog on my head and my face was utter disgust and terror.

yay - Copy - Copy I was an awkward child


Above: This used to be my absolute favorite picture of myself. I loved it. I thought I looked so cool. Well, looking back, it’s not too bad but wow I have come a long way.

tumblr_mw27brnmPw1ruodfbo2_1280[1] IMG_0321

~Look how far I’ve come~

also, wow. 2 years ago I NEVER would have shown so many real pictures. Now, I do believe this was major stupid of me to indulge in this question, but I don’t see the harm?

26. 5 things you look for in a person/relationship

I don’t know, I never put in that much thought. It just happens. I do value having a solid friendship/companionship to back up the lovey-dovey phases though.

27. Tell us about your sexuality. Do you think it’s possible to be completely straight?

I’ve heard people half-joke that all people are secretly bi. I hate that. It completely erases lesbians and gay men, not to mention any other queer individuals that do not identify with the label “bi.” It is true that plenty of straight people have been forced to adopt the straight label by society and, given the chance, might explore into the realm of other sexualities and means of expression. Some people are truly only attracted to the opposite sex or gender (they are different) but some people just aren’t. People are what they are and labels are totally at their own discretion. The less we assume that everybody is straight, the better.

As for myself, I’d rather not get into it. It’s not terribly complicated but I don’t feel like broadcasting that to the world. That’s not your business to know.

28. The year of your life that you loved most and why.

Whatever my final answer is to this, within a short amount of time, it will surely change. 2011-2012 was horrible. 2012-2013 was me rebuilding and regaining and making up for lost time. 2013-2014, I’m on top of the world, partying it up my way, cautious for something to come along and knock me down. We will see how 2014 fares.

30. 3 things you love and 3 things you hate about Tumblr.

Love: the pretty pictures and style icons, the ability to make a name, a niche for yourself OR hide in the shadows, depending on your taste, and the nice people I have kept in touch with.

Hate: the crappy video player, the crappy inbox system, the anti-sj crowd.


So that concludes this 30 day challenge. Well, it was an interesting challenge in that I pretty much sat one day and answered every single question and then queued each post, rather than answer them on the corresponding days. Not that it really matters? But I haven’t really learned or addressed anything new? All for fun haha.


Speak your mind (or let the compliments flow. up2u ;3)

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