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Review- Kuroneko (from OreImo) nendroid

Posted on: December 29, 2013

For Christmas, my bf bought me an adorable Kuroneko Nendroid. We bought like the show OreImo, and she is our favorite character. I have bought Kuroneko merch before- a phone charm and a blindbox figurine- but never anything to this scale.

This is really less of a review and more just a photo spam.

front and back

(Front and Back)


(sides and top)

She comes with three faces, four sets of hands (fists, holding an item, pointing, cat), two pairs of legs (standing normal and like, bent. But not for sitting. They show it as her with one leg bent, acting like a cat), three pairs of arms (pointing, bent arms, poseable arms), cat ears and tail, and a DVD box with stickers.


I can’t decide which stickers to use! So many great ones, from the show and otherwise. If I had to pick, I might go with the Stardust Witch Meruru ones….


One the left is the Nendroid, as compared to my blind box figurine. The blind box one lacks a lot of details like the crosses and ribbons on her skirt and actually has a few incorrect details. (My biggest beef with it is actually that I can’t put Ayase’s head onto Kuroneko’s body. I wanna see Kuroneko in Ayase’s uniform T_T)

The Nendroid is super customizable. The only issue I’ve noticed it that it has a very hard time staying supported by the provided stand. She isn’t very secure! And the limbs don’t attach securely either, falling off frequently.

But that’s the point? This is not a figma, meant for lots of posing and movement. This nendroid is best for placement on a display shelf.


And there she is!

I am so so so excited to own this figurine and eternally grateful to the person that bought me it <3


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