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Posted on: February 28, 2014

I recently explored a new vintage store not far from downtown- La France! A friend of mine had bought prom dresses there in the past, and I had received little trinkets from there as gifts before, but I usually avoid that part of town (mostly late-night entertainment)

Beyond parking issues, I had a blast!! The store was wall-to-wall clothes, in every decade and pricepoint. They had gowns from 200, right down to sundresses and cocktail dresses under 30.

I needed a prom dress, and luckily, they were running a promotion of 20% any dress if intended for prom usage. I rummaged through at least half the racks haha until I found 4 possibilities. Two were lacy, off-the-shoulder pale prints. I nixed those for length and color issues. I found the perfect floor-length dress that needs only minor alterations. Now, to buy shoes and a necklace! (And maybe opera gloves)

One of the employees even sat there and talked Japanese fashion mags with me! Everyone was very helpful.

Beyond the prom dress, I always walked out with an authentic 70s Gunne Sax dress!

IMG_2210 IMG_2213


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