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Posted on: March 30, 2014

Oh a whim, I searched “gyaru” within egl…and my own posts popped up! That and one post where a user asked for any available photos of mixing of gyaru and Lolita and ended up getting an earful about what an abomination gyaru is how they should never mix and how DARE YOU bring this up. Granted, it was back in 2007, but that still is far enough on the gyaru timeline to be moving away from the extreme Yamamba styles. (Nowadays gyaru is so discreet that I don’t think it would be as huge an issue)

It got me thinking “why do lolitas hate substyles and crossovers so much?” Yes, some gyaru complain about gyarusa members that cross between the lines, but the most open hostility to gyaru I’ve seen is on the Lolita side…

Lolita, as it stands, relies heavily on established rules. Every year it seems the enforcement gets stricter. Because of this, Lolita has barely evolved and retains its original form and aesthetic.  Gyaru, on the other hand, has been reformed so many times that each new generation approaches it completely differently. Modern neogal and mode gal hardly looks different from general “Fashionable girl” styles, save a few more false eyelashes. The tan, huge hair, and white makeup is all gone. (is that what, in particular, offended Lolita the most?)

Lolita accepts a small list of girly and modest substyles (Ero is often not included in masterposts- it hardly exists and many are excited to erase it forever) Lolita does not mix well with other fashion communities. The clothing itself is versatile but for some reason EGL is very reluctant to accept that.

Local comms in particular, in my experience, quietly punish those that can’t contain themselves within the “ideal Lolita” mold. Wearing any form of gyaru, regardless of look and style, lessens your credibility as a “True Lolita.”

I just can’t fathom it.

I’ll restrain myself from unleashing the rest of my rage at local comms and their bullshit, but my point is that for some reason, despite all these years and fads, Lolita is very intolerable of change and evolution, restricting the community. Yes, it keeps order, but it can be difficult for people who don’t like to keep to just one style. Mixing and matching and experimentation is accepted- as long as it is quiet and doesn’t catch on.



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