lilly in the rose garden

I’ve been passive-aggressively venting on tumblr about my recent gyaru incident for a while now, but the collapse of Egg really magnifies my beef.

UGH. I hate western jfashion communities. I never really fit in among the Lolita, and now I am looked down on by the gyaru. Screw all of you!! Having forgotten that somewhere among the SRS BUSINESS that is alt fashion, there should be equal parts fun. Apparently not a single decision should be allowed to be based on fun and goofiness.

NO I don’t wear ~Burando~ but for real, creating cliques based on financial status is messed up. Gyaru are convinced that unless you own a bajillion pairs of circle lenses and false lashes, you don’t deserve to use up their precious oxygen.

My tipping point, beyond 100+ comments insulting everything from my eyebrows to my existence, was how the gyaru group members were surprised/unnerved by the presence of 15 year olds in a gyaru style video…….they blow my mind, they really do. No teenagers allowed, apparently, in the style derived from teen rebellion?? No orangey-fake tan allowed when wearing a substyle based on….bad fake tans??


I have no constructive way to vent, release, and harness my anger (having escalated from mere annoyance) with the so-called “Gajin Gyaru” comms. They are so determined to share the misery, it’d ridiculous.

((My immediate plan is to merge Yamamba with Lolita OPs to piss off both communities, plus wearing it to an anime convention to rustle the most judgmental jimmies. Y’all don’t own me. I refuse to force myself into the box you want everyone to conveniently accept.))

Speak your mind (or let the compliments flow. up2u ;3)

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