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BOOK REVIEW- Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger [LGBT Book Series]

Posted on: January 26, 2015

Part 2 (Part 1) **SPOILERS AHEAD** I don’t seem to know how to write without spoilers, oopsies

This novel feels more honest and accurate to the ways of teenagers, relying less on ABC Family channel stereotypes than Difference Between You and Me (Part 3).

Still, two things are like what??

1. Even if they are suddenly bffs why is Sebastian outing Grady to people he personally hasn’t worked up the guts to talk to yet? Grady even remarks that Sebstian seemed to be running the show. its very skeevy that he does stuff behind Grady’s back, even though the book glosses over it.

2. So the first thing Grady does after coming out is…lust after a girl who is in a relationship, letting Sebastian egg him on and watch from the sidelines waiting for a breakup, in order for his chance to swoop in?? It comes out of nowhere (and this is not meant as a complaint about Grady modifying his behavioral patterns to better suit his personality or gender, or reinventing himself, or any other teenage exploration. But Kita is not your rite of passage. )

Buuut then the second half resolves most of the growing issues and ties everything off with a very…Disney Channel original movie-esque silly scene.  Just as it was getting deeper, it seemed to be running out of pages and reaching a feel-good ending seemed to be the priority.

Overall, it is very refreshing as my second read of the LGBT summer book list, and the writing flows well and is very pleasing. It doesn’t shy away from showing the absolute worst in those in Grady’s life, but still bounces back to some (Over the top after a while but often on point) humor~ meaning like the Christmas house drama.

Would rec!!


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