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BOOK REVIEW- The Difference Between You and Me by Madeline George [LGBT Book Series]

Posted on: January 30, 2015

Part 3 (part 1, part 2) **SPOILERS AHEAD**

The difference between you and me was every it as disappointing as I expected it to be. Emily was so hateable and there’s no closure whatsoever by the end. She shows no concern for other people’s feelings, never changes or grows, and remains the same stock image “preppy” evil bi girl stereotype the whole time.
Jesse is treated as so over the top and misguided that it feels like an overt jab at all forms of teenage activism.
Esther is intriguing and I honestly would prefer a book solely about her, giving her more personality than the books she loves. What forms of at school protest has she done in the past? What is a more comprehensive picture of her family dynamics?

Why is it that a book about same gender loving teen girls makes a white het boy the only one to show shreds of compassion and redeeming himself!? Why is Michael shown in just as, if not a more positive light than Wyatt. What is the deal with Wyatt and Denmark. Wyatt has so much potential beyond hitting the “gays and fashion. LOL” stereotype. Why is he libertarian? How has his friendship with Jesse sustained itself during times of ideological rivalry?

Tbh this book feels a little too Glee-esque. It shits on people it’s supposed to be representing, while not having solid enough writing to keep it afloat. I’m very glad I didn’t buy it, and borrowed it instead.

I would like to read Frenemy of the People, which seems to have the same premise, and compare the two.

Bottom line: this book suffered from not only a iffy, tired premise, but also became bogged down with lazy, unoriginal writing and attempts at humor that almost always fell flat.

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