lilly in the rose garden

Posted on: October 28, 2015

What a day! Rather busy but I’ve been in high spirits all day despite the rain and gloom.

Tonight I get to watch a screening of Kamikaze Girls. Yes, 11 years after its release, I’m giddy about filing into an auditorium to watch it in the company of my teachers and hopefully a friend or two. Naturally, I’m using a BTSSB shopping bag to carry my things. Not too conspicuous haha

It feels great mainly because I feel so knowledgeable. I was explaining parts of the movie and its cult status to my FILM prof! Like, wow. And that made me realize that I have achieved a lot over the years. I wore Lolita for five years, watched the movies and shows, read blogs and books on the subject (academic and not), run panels and shared my findings. Even now I continue to plunder the fashion section of the library, getting my paws on books about Gyaru and more. And I know enough to show off to an older adult…. Is this how adulthood feels?

I’ve got a great Halloween planned just as soon as I get my responsibilities out of the way. I have high hopes for the last three days of this month! I feel very safe and cherished at this point in time and its a great opportunity to show off my costuming skills.


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