lilly in the rose garden

All About Lilly

Gyaru, Lolita, and cosplayer. I love fashion, anime, and Homestuck. Catch me at cons like Metrocon and Megacon- I do love a good con!

Animal Crossing is my biggest passion in life. <3 <3 no joke

I don’t take blogging as seriously as I used to, but I regularly review products I’ve bought and conventions I’ve attended, so expect plenty of that!

Old Bio (for nostalgia’s sake)

I’m Lilly, your favorite resident homestuck/lolita/cosplayer/what even. I’m currently a student, which sucks up most of my time, but I have pledged to post at least once every three weeks. (A promise I have never broken, I think!) I only dress in lolita occasionally for meetups, conventions, or what my friends and I like to call “Frills/Frilly Friday”

I don’t really stay on any one topic. I like anime, lolita, and a whole lot of other junk in between. I talk about personal events from my daily life, as well as reviews of lolita clothing I buy and discussions of each anime convention I attend. (All posts will be clearly labeled as such)


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Topics Shmopics!! Staying on track is totally overrated!

Anyway, I’m afraid I have some grave news…

You have been infected by…


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matryoshkaRose~ (the former lillymelody)
cosplay, street fashion, reviews and more!
When in doubt, come into the rose garden ( ・ω・)ノ

2015 Convention Schedule

Who the heck knows.
Dragon Con

Ways to contact me

I got locked out of my lineplay u_______u
livejournal (matryoshkalilly)
Tumblr (matryoshkaRose OR newleafshibuya)

Hair growth progress- As of June 2015- I regularly trim my own bangs and they look amazing- choppy and short. The split ends have ruined lives and murdered small children. I haven't had a proper salon cut since July 2013. I might get a trim of 4ish inches by the end of the summer? I'm lazy.



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