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I feel so alive!!!! Just deleted ALL of my Facebook accounts.

Back when I was younger, I never though of the consequences of joining a social network. There was no way for me to predict that Facebook would take over and pretty much eradicate face-to-face communication once and for all. Because of that lack of true communication, I lost many friendships. Now, I have worked hard to remove myself from all that negativity and start fresh, valuing the “old-fashioned” ways of social interaction.

To be honest, I don’t feel that much out of the loop. I wish more people would unhook themselves from social networks and learn to live without the aid of a website. It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing that I don’t have to update my profile. :)

Moving on! Days 29 and 30 (expect a huge post for Day 31)

Day 29- Your Favorite Thing About Halloween
What’s not to love? As a young child, it meant free candy, a later bedtime, and an excuse to run around the neighorhood withmy friends. Now, it means being able to wear my cosplay costumes in public without a care in the world. New merchandise comes in stock at the costume stores, and I can stock up on wigs and supplies.

I now realize that I can just get up and go to the store whenever I please to buy candy, but the magic of the night still hasn’t worn off. Even if I hardly participate, I have too many wonderful childhood memories of past Halloweens to not enjoy it.

Day 30- Have You Ever Had A Paranormal Experience?

Naw, not really. I’ve been on ghost tours and been to supposedly haunted locations, but my unwavering belief in what is logical has prevented me from experiencing an alternate reality. My attitude is still very much “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Day 31-  Your Halloween costume this year

Matryoshkastuck Karkat! It took an hour to do the makeup (and I only painted my face and upper neck gray too!) but the look on the kids’ faces as I passed out candy was priceless. The costume is sooo ready for the enxt con.


Day 26- Your Favorite Animal That Is Associated With Halloween?
Bats! Baby bats are just too adorable

Day 27-Your Halloween Plans This Year?
I am just going to sit at home, fully dressed in a costume, waiting to give candy to little kids. A couple of people have asked if I’m trick-or-treating, since they still do, but unfortunately I’ve gotten to the point that I’m not too old, but I don’t have friends to do it with, and the people my age in the neighborhood no longer do it, so if I walk around alone, I’ll feel pathetic.

Day 28- Your First Halloween Costume

I was a clown :3

I’m sad to say that the gorgeous month of October is drawing to a close. I love autumn. October is warm at noon, but reaching the 60s in the mornings. (That sounds lame, but as a whole, the annual temperature is close to 80 degrees F here) The storm clouds from summer disappear, and breathtakingly blue skies emerge. The entire month lifts my mood. November is okay too, but all I can see ahead of me is breaks from school– my least favorite times of the year. I have conventions to look forward to, but beyond that, winter marks the beginning of my isolation, although I’ve lost all the things that I used to hate being isolate from.


Well, International Hetalia Day was on Monday. I celebrated by working a Seychelles blue tank top and red ribbons into my school dresscode outfit. (But I didn’t get to watch any epsiodes. Oops!)

Homestuck day is technically 4/13, but the EOA flash is worth celebrating.

Day 22- Your Favorite Halloween Costume That You Have Ever Worn?
Probably the year I was a laundry basket (I was 7) The most popular girl in the grade copied my idea, and we dressed up together. Our school had a special Halloween parade around campus that the younger kids would do, and we had a lot of fun running around in our baskets.

Day 23- Your Favorite Werewolf Movie or Television Show

I can’t say I truly know of any werewolf movies or shows beyond the crude teenager ones. Since I don’t like the whole Twilight crowd, I tend to avoid any series with vampires or werewolves in it. :P

Day 24- Do You Believe In Any Superstitions?

Day 25- Do You Decorate Your House For Halloween?
Absolutely! I have these plastic skeleton flamingoes that I put up every year! I also put up generic skeleton and gravestone decorations, and coat the bushes in purple and orange lights. This year, I shook things up with a spider theme, adding spider clings to the front windows by the porch, and a few spiders on the lawn.


Also, EOA!!!!!!! I loved the video, even though I just started act 5 :) If the next convention wasn’t so soon, I would totally cosplay Jade in that outfit. (Buuuut, since I have two weeks to assemble the bulk of my Matryoshka Karkat, I’ll have to out that one on the back burner)

October is nearly over ): So far, I have loved this 31 day challenge. I feel bad posting so frequently, but it’s been a good way to remained committed to this blog. Over the past month, my focus has shifted away from lolita and mkore towards my hobbies and fandoms as a whole, which is actually pretty good. I was trying too hard, and upsetting myself. I feel so much more confident these days.

Day 18- Your Favorite Halloween Television Show Episode

SpongeBob- love his ghost clogs. Or the Hetalia Halloween strips and episode. (Mostly because of Poland)

Day 19- Your favorite witch show or movie

Sugar Sugar Rune (lol jk) Hmm probably some children’s anime or something.

Day 20- Do You Believe In Witchcraft?
Nope, not really. Science has progressed to the point that some of the things were are capable of could be considered magic, but true “witchcraft” probably doesn’t exist.

Day 21- Do You Go To Halloween Parties?
Sadly, no. I don’t have any friends that hold them. I’ve only been to two in my entire life. ):

Day 13- Your Favorite Vampire Movie Or Television Show
The Little Vampire :) Well, I don’t really like Vampires that much.

Day 14- The Best Pumpkin Carving You Have Done

Last year my friend and I made a pumpkin that was puking its own innards, with rubber cockroaches and everything.
Day 15- Do You Believe In Ghosts/Spirits?

Depends. I am a firm non-believer in ghosts or the traditional ghost tour/oh-so-very-spooky Halloween kinds of spirits, but I do have the slightest bit of belief that occult things may exist in this world.
Day 16- Your Favorite Zombie Movie or Television Show

Chopped: Halloween edition and Halloween Wars on the Food Network. No joke! The cakes they make are so incredible.

Okay, I also love all those cheesy old Disney Channel movies like Hocus Pocus or Twitches. One year, I watched a whole Goosebumps marathon on CN. My favorite episodes were the girls who bought a mask that took over their bodies. (And the best friend that is always dressed as a cat)
Day 17- What Is Your Biggest Fear?

Not anything Halloween-related except for needles. I mostly refuse to admit that I have any true fears, but I do highly dislike failure, being mocked, the usual stuff.


On a side note, I went to Epcot this weekend! I had a blast overall, but the best part was when I found what appears to be Angelic Pretty postcards in the store in Japan. Also, it was the food and wine festival, so I gorged myself. The food for Poland was sooooooo good. Too bad Japan and Canada were under construction :P

Day 10- Are You Going Trick-or-Treating This Year?

No, sadly. I’ve gotten to the age where I’m too old, there’s nobody else my age doing it, and honestly, most people are at Hall-o-Scream or parties instead anyway. Last year I practically had to drag my best friend by the leg to get her to Trick-or-Treat with me. As much as I’d love to, I just shouldn’t.

Day 11-  When You Go Trick-or-Treating What Do You Put The Candy In?

I have this one cute purple bag that has glow in the dark candy on it. It’s pretty small, but I always use it!

Day 12- A Picture Of Your Halloween Costume From Last Year

Welp. I’d rather not post a real picture of myself, but my costume was Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara. (The same costume I wore to Megacon and Metrocon 2011)

Day 8- Your Favorite Halloween Candy

I don’t really have any one favorite candy, since I had braces for years I couldn’t eat most of it anyway. (My loot ends up sitting in the pantry for months)

Every year, some of the neighborhood kids would come back to my house after trick-or-treating and dump their candy in the main dining area. We’d trade and compare candy. I liked to hoard anything grape flavored. :)

We continued to do that for years until out little group grew apart. My Halloween candy has never tasted the same since.

Day 9- Your Least Favorite Halloween Candy

Knock-offs like those cheapo-brand sweetarts that you can order from Oriental Trading. They just don’t taste the same :P Also, chocolates that melt too easily. Halloween is usually in the uppers 60s, but sometimes the night is freakishly warm (like last year) and it becomes a sticky mess.

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