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I have mixed feelings about yesterday. I arrived at 9am, and from then until noon everything went fine. I went with a friend (he was dressed as Dave Strider), and we had a lot of fun just exploring. I stopped by and watched a few minutes of a Vocaloid panel, and the bjd social. I even ran into another friend who I don’t get to see very often!

My Karkat costume looked pretty good, imo.

By 1pm, however, I was a total mess. I quickly changed into my Matryoshka costume (bad idea! It was way too many layers, and I overheated quickly) and ran over to the Cantown meetup area.

Well, a Hetalia photo shoot had apparently shown up unannounced and taken the spot. Homestuck fans milled around, waiting for 2. The Cantown did not officially have a meetup, per say, but I did collect a bunch of cans. The HS photo shoot went from 2 to 4, and emptied out pretty much the second it ended, so nobody was left to build the Cantown with me. One awesome girl came around with a bag of cans, and I got a few shots before leaving the area. (I was giving my friend a ride home, so I had to leave)

The thing that got to me the most was the crowds. The area was way too small to contain the HS meetup. Security was getting annoyed at us for blocking a staircase (even though it was way out-of-the-way, and not actively used for anything except getting to the meetup. Bleh fire code), and the crowds were so large, I just didn’t see any use in trying to fight through them to join in photos. I knew I’d never get a good shot standing down there, and I was overheating at that point, so I just left. I was so overwhelmed and stressed out. I didn’t want to abandon the Cantown (nononono!) but I knew that if I hung around the meetup any longer, I’d become a complete mess. I changed out of my costume, and wandered the vendor room one last time. I came just in time to grab the cans, and left.

I feel guilty, you know? I’ve had two bad experiences with HS photo shoots now, and I really don’t want to put myself through that again. I love Homestuck, and I love cosplaying Homestuck characters, but I just don’t want to be at the meetups anymore. This is a hard realization for me because up to this point, my focus had always been “try to get attention for your cosplay.” I suffered through my Matryoshka costume, even when the weather was too hot to wear it, just because I knew people liked it and would take pictures. It was so self-centered and desperate. It worked, too. At Megacon, I received a lot of attention, since it was a less common cosplay. At Metro, the environment is very different, however. People are less likely to take pictures, and seem less into that whole experience. (I don’t understand it)

I don’t know if I’ll volunteer to host a Cantown again, if it means being present at a photo shoot. Maybe if I get a whole team of people to do it together, like a panel. I dunno. At the moment, I just feel awkward about the whole thing. I know the Hetalia photo shoot was way out of my control, but I still feel like I failed everyone.


I’m sorry this got so personal, but this is a serious thing for me. I’ve gone to eight conventions now, and in a few weeks I’ll be packing my bags for Connecticon, and I need to figure out whether or not I still want to be active in Homestuck events.

The one comment that made me feel like any part of it was worth it was when a Vriska cosplayer came up to me and told me that she recognized me from Shadocon (in the Matryoshka costume). I don’t care about being the best HS cosplayer anymore, but I’m glad that I at least got to know some local fans, and are recognized by them.


I probably should be posting this on tumblr, but I don’t know how to use it as well. I feel so bad for anyone that’s been reading my whiny posts on tumblr regarding this con. I should delete them soon.

Friday- Shion from No.6

Saturday- Karkat from Homestuck 

For part of the day, I’ll be wearing his basic outfit, and then I want to change into an updated version of my Matryoshka!Karkat costume (This will be its last con before I retire it)

(photo from Megacon. I foolishly did not take any photos outside of 1 from the photoshoot. There is hardly any evidence that I attended at all.)


On Saturday I will be running the Metrocon Cantown Project

for for information, check out the official tumblr!!!

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