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Two collages made of items from Charlotte Russe, Claire’s, Forever21, and Bath and Body Works. I’ve definitely been feeling beachy lately peach mermaid

blue mermaid


Keep in mind~ this is based on what fashion blogs mentioned and what I observed in street snaps, magazines, and shop collections. (Upon digging back into old posts, I realize none of this applies to Himekaji and Romagyaru/more sweet feminine brands A/W 2013 but oh well! For some reason I continue to associate 2013 with Onee gyaru)

Gyaru toward the end of 2013 was edging into Onee style very intensely. This was before the collapse of the magazines at the heart of the fashion, so mags like Jelly, Blenda, and other Onee selections were big. Egg was…egg…and there felt like there was a divide between mainstream-leaning Popteen with high school looks versus the mature “older sisters” that inhabited shops and photo shoots. I attribute Onee trends with the rise of brown, more natural looking false lashes and the popularity of cat eye and other quieter winged eyeliner instead of the bright eyeshadow you find in Egg ca. 2009.

Winter 2013, to me, feels like this:

Colors~ Black, Navy, Bright Blue (all paired together) Nudes, Cream.

Pattern~ Houndstooth. Geometric.

This was the main emergence of the supremacy of the Crop top X high-waisted bottom trend. Picture it. A solid crop tee with high-waisted houndstooth pencil skirt, paired with strappy wedge heels and statement sunglasses. Large, floppy handbag.

Or, and this look is still very present, Crop blouse (of some basic pattern and neutral color) paired with high-waisted, crisp ironed pants. (Or, if the blouse is a bright shade, tan or sand colored pants with pop of color on lips/remnants of coral blush trend) Long coats and the high waistline prevents too much midriff from showing, making it a trendy but not wholly unprofessional look (Not for work, but to look stylish in a fancy restaurant!)

I thought matching crop top X accent skirt sets were darling, especially when in matching blue patterned prints. ~~The tops often featured faux-halter styles (how do I describe them? They are cut closer to the neck and have a tight, high neckline)


Now,  following the decline in magazines, this year’s trends are a bit more divided. There was a great post made by gyaru-coordinates about Autumn collections, which listed tartan and rich reds and burgundy are the It colors. But now, each brand seems to be doing their own thing. Autumn flew by quickly and some winter collections seem to have nothing in common with Autumn.

Brands like D.I.A. and the more hardline punk or kurogal brands continue with their classic look. Liz Lisa is in a sea of perfectly generic cutesy sweet brands. I’m a bit disappointed. Beyond their trademark floral and makeup lines, what do they offer over, say, Amavel or Ank Rouge?

I’m really digging Pastels as released by Swankiss (arguably the leaders, not terribly uniquely gyaru though) and Onespo (so innovative and constantly experimenting!) I know Swankiss is technically gal, but hoo boy! Compare their style to Glavil or Thirteen Japan!

Colors~ Lavender, baby blue, cotton candy pink

Trends: Fluffy coats, platform shoes, heart details, **cotton ball earrings and accessories**


I wonder what Mars is doing right now. Ageha lives on but agejo has been sidelined in favor of casual wear.

I suspect for basically the rest of society, it’s business as usual with dark colors, coats, tights, and scarves. But one can dream of the impractical pastel cute world of shop staff.

It’s been a long time since I’ve organized my various coords and selfies haha

Starting with: My Effie Trinket costume from New Year’s Ever


Next: My dolly kei coord. It was supposed to be more dolly but it came out all cpk with some black accents. Bleh. Was too warm for my blood-red sweater or forest green shawl. Tights are a nice deep floral mix. (this was well after my lipstick came off and most of my blush had faded. I usually do smoky brown on the lids and pink rimming underneath my eyes plus intense blush for a dolly look)


Then, one day I wore cute black and white polka dots with red tights! I also had lots of red hairbows. When it’s cold out, I layer my tights. That day I was wearing white underneath the red. I also put on a nice black blazer over my cardi!


And finally, my casual favorite. I was channeling my fav 90s anime characters with teased bangs, and a layered boyfriend cardi over black jeggings.


Those earrings are soooo heavy. (clip-ons >.<) I only wear them for pictures haha.





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