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Two collages made of items from Charlotte Russe, Claire’s, Forever21, and Bath and Body Works. I’ve definitely been feeling beachy lately peach mermaid

blue mermaid


Keep in mind~ this is based on what fashion blogs mentioned and what I observed in street snaps, magazines, and shop collections. (Upon digging back into old posts, I realize none of this applies to Himekaji and Romagyaru/more sweet feminine brands A/W 2013 but oh well! For some reason I continue to associate 2013 with Onee gyaru)

Gyaru toward the end of 2013 was edging into Onee style very intensely. This was before the collapse of the magazines at the heart of the fashion, so mags like Jelly, Blenda, and other Onee selections were big. Egg was…egg…and there felt like there was a divide between mainstream-leaning Popteen with high school looks versus the mature “older sisters” that inhabited shops and photo shoots. I attribute Onee trends with the rise of brown, more natural looking false lashes and the popularity of cat eye and other quieter winged eyeliner instead of the bright eyeshadow you find in Egg ca. 2009.

Winter 2013, to me, feels like this:

Colors~ Black, Navy, Bright Blue (all paired together) Nudes, Cream.

Pattern~ Houndstooth. Geometric.

This was the main emergence of the supremacy of the Crop top X high-waisted bottom trend. Picture it. A solid crop tee with high-waisted houndstooth pencil skirt, paired with strappy wedge heels and statement sunglasses. Large, floppy handbag.

Or, and this look is still very present, Crop blouse (of some basic pattern and neutral color) paired with high-waisted, crisp ironed pants. (Or, if the blouse is a bright shade, tan or sand colored pants with pop of color on lips/remnants of coral blush trend) Long coats and the high waistline prevents too much midriff from showing, making it a trendy but not wholly unprofessional look (Not for work, but to look stylish in a fancy restaurant!)

I thought matching crop top X accent skirt sets were darling, especially when in matching blue patterned prints. ~~The tops often featured faux-halter styles (how do I describe them? They are cut closer to the neck and have a tight, high neckline)


Now,  following the decline in magazines, this year’s trends are a bit more divided. There was a great post made by gyaru-coordinates about Autumn collections, which listed tartan and rich reds and burgundy are the It colors. But now, each brand seems to be doing their own thing. Autumn flew by quickly and some winter collections seem to have nothing in common with Autumn.

Brands like D.I.A. and the more hardline punk or kurogal brands continue with their classic look. Liz Lisa is in a sea of perfectly generic cutesy sweet brands. I’m a bit disappointed. Beyond their trademark floral and makeup lines, what do they offer over, say, Amavel or Ank Rouge?

I’m really digging Pastels as released by Swankiss (arguably the leaders, not terribly uniquely gyaru though) and Onespo (so innovative and constantly experimenting!) I know Swankiss is technically gal, but hoo boy! Compare their style to Glavil or Thirteen Japan!

Colors~ Lavender, baby blue, cotton candy pink

Trends: Fluffy coats, platform shoes, heart details, **cotton ball earrings and accessories**


I wonder what Mars is doing right now. Ageha lives on but agejo has been sidelined in favor of casual wear.

I suspect for basically the rest of society, it’s business as usual with dark colors, coats, tights, and scarves. But one can dream of the impractical pastel cute world of shop staff.

This month’s theme on EGL is “Ita to Lolita: transformations” So here is my contribution:


So, as I have mentioned before, my first dress was a Bodyline OP I bought (totally overpriced) at Megacon back in 2010. Yikes. It was several sizes too large, and the detachable sleeves big enough to hide muffins inside them. But I love that shade of blue! [Far left image]

lolita over the years smaller
From left to right: June 2011, July 2012, July 2012, October 2012, May 2013, October 2013

Back in the beginning I relied heavily on Claire’s. I also thought that white knee high socks with lace were a MUST HAVE and put them with every single outfit, complete with matching white ballet flats or, my feet despised this, black mary jane heels. My bodyline was quickly deflating. And for a while there I was intending to switch from Classic to Punk (Hint: It didn’t work. Ripped tights with florals was alright, but my plain tank top and plain black cropped sweater were so….bland…..) So back to Classic and Country it was. It took me a while to realize that cream blouse X cream base skirt was so….empty a canvas, and that socks and accessories really do matter. (I still don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I’m getting there.)

Misc. from 2013?

From July 2014

So! I see a good deal of improvement, although I still have attachments to ankle socks (your mileage may vary) and sleeveless tops (Summer conventions….why)

3-13-14: I read on EGL that Bodyline was having a free shipping promotion, so I went and checked out their inventory and see if anything caught my eye. Onepiece dress L213 was very cute and I had been eyeing it for a while, so I ordered it.

Price: ¥2,999  Shipping (Air mail): Free


4-7-14: Dress received. 4 weeks and 4 days (My last order last year took about 4 weeks to arrive. I don’t believe I did airmail, though)

The dress is cute, just as expected. It just requires a bell-shaped petti…which I don’t have. It looks equally good without any petti or with absolute minimal poof, as a nice sweet floral dress. I was hoping to wear it more himegyaru style but the lace screams sweet Lolita.


The bag was pretty torn up all down one side. Thank goodness they double bag because this could have been bad! This is the local postal system’s fault, but I am still surprised. With all the online shopping I do, I’ve never seen a bag in this condition.

IMG_2262 IMG_2265

Front of the dress and detail of bodice~ Check out that rose lace. It’s on many Bodyline garments. I like it very much.

I’m top heavy and I was able to fit easily in the top, but it does look strained. Take care to wear a tighter bra and watch for too much uniboob.


Sleeve- this polka-dot lace lines the hemline too!!

The sleeves are SERIOUSLY tight and too short. They are dainty little cap sleeves that barely go down my shoulder, which would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that the elastic is both itchy and overly tight. I had deep grooves on my arm after a day of wear ):

IMG_2268 IMG_2267

Back- mmm look at that shirring.



(super quick lazy photo. Mega deflated bodyline petti in use)


The dress doesn’t wow me. It fully meets my expectations, save the sleeves. Seams all around the bodice are pretty itchy, the lace is the usual Bodyline quality. Meh. I like it, I’m going to wear it frequently as a casual dress, not full Lolita. I’m glad I caught it during the no-shipping campaign, since I ended up paying only $30USD for it.

Bottom Line: I would rec this dress to others, but check your measurements thoroughly first and think about if the sleeves will bug you/if you are ready to make adjustments to make them more comfortable.

A new egl post of mine with pics from Gokinjo Monogatari

Have you heard of Lace Market yet?

It’s a brand new site that is a mix between ebay and EGL comm sales. Users can put Lolita items up for auction or just a normal sale. The website itself is just a shiny, pretty way to facilitate payment via paypal, however, so there’s not much difference from Livejournal save the shopping cart and auction options.

I checked it out super casually, just to see what everyone was talking about, only to find a gorgeous OP listed for only $35. I scrolled down to the shipping information and went “waaaait what that’s a zip code from the next town over….” Turns out, the dress belonged to a Lolita from my local comm! I facebook messaged her with some color questions and decided I needed it in my life.

Thank goodness I knew her already and could contact her! When I created my Lace Market account, I typo’d my email address, so I was able to quickly tell her the correct one. She drives over near my school regularly, so we worked out a set date for us to meetup to hand off the dress, thus eliminating any shipping charge.

She seemed happy after I paid the invoice, as this was her first sale on the new website, so she also now can start building up feedback.

Here’s the breakdown:

1/5: Talked with seller, paid invoice, discussed meetup date

1/26: Had intended to meet up with seller downtown to receive dress (delay because our two schedules are very very different)

Now, her schedule shifted, so she promptly texted me like yeaaah I wont be there, would you like me to ship it instead. No charge(!)

Bloo is always so kind and nice <3 I am extremely grateful to her.

The dress in question: Old School Barbie JSK~ Sax

 (Her posted photo)

She said it was handmade (not by her), and despite the more lavender-looking picture, it was a nice baby blue irl. What I didn’t realize was how much is truly required a bell-shaped petticoat….I only have A-line. Whoops.

My photos:

IMG_2198 (Front)

IMG_2199 (Detail around the waist- front)

IMG_2200 (Bodice)

IMG_2202 (Back)

IMG_2204 (Looots of shirring!)

IMG_2203 (Looots of ruffle- back)

IMG_2201 (Random detail from side)

This is very poofy, fluffy, and complicated. Lots of layers and ruffles that need to all be laying in the right direction to look right. It’s very princess and intricate. My only issue is the bows (shown above) and teal vs. the baby blue dress…and stand out quite a lot. Otherwise, I am extremely satisfied with the purchase, given its price and good value.

I’m trying to break in new hiking boots, so I built an outfit around it so I can wear them in public. (vanity, hahaha) No fancy makeup this time! I brushed my bangs out straight and they almost hit my glasses! No use in applying eyeshadow if my eyes are that well covered.


Top- camo crop top from Wet Seal

skirt- black skater skirt from Wet Seal

Spiked headband- Forever21

((liners and wool socks with hiking boots do not mix well with August heat))

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