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For the very first time, the stars and planets aligned and I was able to attend on Sunday. Now, whether or not it was really worth the extra day is debatable, but I will treat it like a mini victory anyway.


(Left to right: CPK with Shironuri, Karkat, Classic Lolita)

(RANT ALERT: VERY LITTLE INFORMATIVE CONTENT) These are the days when this really is a PERSONAL blog first and foremost.
I will say, however, that this post isn’t going to be as informative as I usually like to be. My con experience has evolved a lot with time: it used to be that I conquered alone, shopping and stopping to take lots of photos. Now, the biggest portion of time is spent chilling with friends (who quite often aren’t in cosplay and leave the con early) and following group plans. I have few pictures beyond of myself. And honestly, I’m getting burned out. This was my 17th convention (all in the span of 4ish years!) and I know what to expect. I’ve never been a panel person and I’m past the “must buy EVERYTHING” stage.

Thus, my weekend was dictated by when my friends were arriving (and my parking situation). I drove myself all three days, a first, and managed to get myself lost once or twice. I learned from my mistakes and found creative detours when crowds and accidents blocked my way.
My panel was on Friday. It was…disappointing. My friends said I did great, but I feel bad anyway. A random guy, identified only as “Steven,” crashed my panel to talk about sushi and boobs :/ I do believe that will be the end of my paneling days. (This is tied in with the gyaru thing) Saturday’s Lolita panel was huge, with 108 in attendance. It was disgusting. She is a terrible public speaker and they are so uppity and I have so few loli friends (gee, with my wonderful personality) and the way they hypocritically were falling over each other to praise Bodyline, when they turned up their nose at it last year…ugh UGH. (My underage friends all avoided Mr. Yan like the plague. I don’t care if he’s behaved thus far this weekend, he still gives us the creeps and I would like people to respect that his track record may be intimidating.)
Sunday wasn’t that great. It was crowded and annoyingly loud and I was done with the con scene but I wasn’t about to abandon the kismesis.


There wasn’t any one fandom represented the most, cosplay-wise, like in previous years. There was barely any hetalia, what felt like minimal Homestuck (although the meetup was decently large. Where were you hiding?), and a handful of SNK. Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure, that one basketball anime, Free!, and comic characters were common. I saw a surge in kids’ cartoons, such as Disney princess groups and that one fab Danny Phantom group.



A big change was the con configuration. You can feel how much attendance has grown- there will even be a 4th day next year! The vendor room was moved into the larger ballroom upstairs, flip-flopping with special events/autograph track. (It was nice not having autograph lines near the vendors) There were a number of tables in the back of the room, which became out favorite meeting spot. What Pumpkin was in the vendor room, so I bought a Knight of Blood pin. I also bought sea salt ice cream lollipops, a Patlabor CD (dakeshimeta midNIGHT BLUUEEEE), and a necklace. There were two booths selling proper Lolita, but I abstained for the good of my wallet (the weekend’s parking fees probably could have bought a dress argh).

Overall, it was a good con. More organized than, say, Khaotic. Consistent, entertaining, the best hometown con.







I attended on Saturday, having rushed like mad to make it in time to watch the Combat Musical, my annual Khaotic tradition.

Well, the musical was lame (I miss the great energy from last year’s cast, Archer was tedious, the groping and sexual humor was overwhelming and not funny, Catwoman’s cat puns, etc…) save the part where M.I.B. agents danced to Michael Jackson songs, but a tradition is a tradition.
At 2pm, I went to the lobby and talked for a long time with my local Lolita comm! We had a nice time and that probably was the least awkward, most friendly meet I have experienced. It was a small group, so after a while we split up, went to talk to a friend in Artist Alley, and occasionally walked around together.

Khaotic was in the usual Sheraton, nbd. I resigned myself to accepting failure with regard to trying to get a panel slot; apparently they ditched the myconsonline site for some other email/online form method without actually informing anybody??? So I missed out on my chance.
There were a TON of Homestuck panels, considering 4/13 is Sunday and all. Otherwise, I ignored the panel schedule, as it was veeeery sparse, per usual. There, in addition to the panels, was the normal screening room, tabletop room, gaming room, and autograph signings. The vendor room seemed smaller than last year, having more people selling odds and ends from their own collections than fulltime vendors. There was not a designated kpop or manga vendor, both staples of most other cons.

I did purchase one thing, however uwu

One of the English GLBS!!! From Autumn 2008. It’s amazing how much Lolita changed from then until 2010, when I came on the scene….


Common cosplays were SNK, hetalia (surprisingly enough), and Marvel characters. I saw a splash of Dangan Ronpa and other recent anime/anime game favorites. The biggest shock, however, was the lack of Adventure Time. For the past year, every con I’ve attended has been flooded with Fins, Fionnas, Bubbline couples, etc… and yet I only saw one Marceline today???
Overall, I had a great time despite the meager programming and sub par organization. I don’t have as much to say this year because I honestly did not see any big changes in feel from last year (I actually stayed longer this year, from 12 to 4:30ish. Last year I showed up for the musical, ate lunch, and left)

Shado and metro seem to be bustling with energy and expansion while Khaotic is stagnant.

Someone remind me again why I wanted to do this?


(Maybe he can make it all better)


Ok so compared to other local cons, this one gets like twice the media attention which amazes me because I don’t think a single year hasn’t had major issues?? The hold it twice a year and last time, the hotel they used was so small they had to turn people away at the door because fire code and maximum capacity. Today, it was at the con center, but not all of it. Just the west wing. Uh.

It was a disaster. I arrived only to join a line that snaked around the outside of the building. That line led indoors to a large ballroom (the metro vendor room) where the line continued to weave around. Only, that wasn’t the ticket line, like my friend and I expected….it was the line to get to the ticket line. That line led up the (non working) escalators to another long roped-off line area (the metro artist alley). Wtf. So we kinda snuck past the security guards and cut in line to the actual ticket line because aw hell na not all of this bullshit for a $20 ticket (Less than metro!!)



(What is this hell)

After that, we hit the vendor room which didn’t totally suck. We played DDR at the Gametime booth and got our pictures taken at 2 different booths. I got to talk to my Lolita pal Brittney and later when we were eating lunch, a nice woman we met at a friend’s panel at Shado sat with us! After my friend left, I began to dance para para by the vendor room only with no music….my speakers broke….people came up and joined me or talked to me just as much as at metro, however!

Very few people were in cosplay as compared to anime convention standards. It was weird. I saw some homestucks, 3 lolitas, and a handful of assorted anime/other costumes. There were some great comic costumes and some bad Halloween costumes. But mostly, there were a TON of little kids. I stuck out like a sore thumb, just as planned.


(why am I so cute)

It was fun overall, but they need to get their act together. The lines for the lines for the lines consumed the majority of rented space, which created chaos and blocked the way for those with tickets. Attendance felt about the same as Metrocon, and yet it was so much harder to navigate…

It felt good to be back in the Sheration hotel lol. I should feel so attached to it since it’s the small, crowded ones that’s a 45 minute drive from home and has like no good points to it. Aaaand yet I always feel nostalgic. The site of the first two years of Shadocon and Tampa Anime Day, this hotel was a perfect fit for Khaotic Kon.

Last year, it was in the downtown Doubletree, a hotel so small, no con can successfully thrive there. (See: the recent disaster that was Tampa Bay Comic Con, when they refused people entrance because of fire hazard and overcrowding) Khaotic is still a very small con, but seems to be growing (not at the same rate as Shado, however). I liked the location a lot better this year. The line for registration was short, and even the looong line for the combat musical didn’t even touch the lines I’ve seen at Metro for basic panels. It wasn’t too crowded (very few people spilled in the pool area) and beyond the poorly spaced vendor room, I had next to no issue with crowds and finding places to sit. It seems there was a free buffet today? I don’t know, I brought my own food as usual, but it meant the whole café/restaurant area was open for con use and seating.

The combat musical was neat. It continued last year’s story, with some old and some new characters. I probably should have refreshed myself on the plot before watching, but nevertheless I found it entertaining. My friend who accompanied me caught the Code Geass references, while I loved the inclusion of Queen Beryl and Jack Spicer. The fight sequences, although less ambitious than last time, seemed better coordinated and well-rehearsed. I will definitely return next year.

Common cosplays were, as usual, Homestuck and hetalia. A resurgence in Hetalia is evident in the rise of APH themed panels, even outnumbering Homestuck panels. I saw some Off, but I was disappointed at the lack of Dangan Ronpa, given its current internet popularity. I only saw two, maybe three other lolitas all day, but I didn’t expect much from such a small, lesser-known con.

I would have liked to stay and check out the new manga library, but I ran out of time. I used up all my money today, but managed to score two OreImo phone charms (Saori pose 2, Manami), a blind box figurine from OreImo (scowling Ayase), and a CD (Para Para Max Us Mix 1). I’ve been really into OreImo lately because of the second season, plus the enthusiasm of my friend makes me want to rewatch the first season haha.


Ain’t we purty? ;3


I think I may have seen a rise in Pokémon gijinkas, but that may have just been because of the combat musical////

(I try to remain neutral in my discussion of each convention, but this time I am making more personal comments, mostly because a large portion of my circle of friends attended for once)

Can I just start off by praising whomever decided to switch venues this year? I’m so proud of cute little baby Shadocon, making its way into the big leagues. The old hotel in Brandon was much too small, although I hear it has been renovated since. (I’ll say more about that when I hit Khaotic Kon this spring) Even at the fancy downtown hotel, I think that in a year or two it may move into the convention center for a new home. Attendance just seems to be going up!

Saturday was more crowded than I anticipated. For the most part, I hung out on a balcony near the escalators and people-watched. I went with four friends and we were constantly getting split up, so that became our meeting place. At first I was disoriented, as I was not used to this hotel. There was a narrow hallway branching off into the two panel rooms, and then the artist alley and a door to the vendors room. The vendors room was bigger than last year, but still pressed for space. The walkways were quite narrow, so I was glad to see that the room was near empty Sunday morning so that I could take more photos.

Popular costumes included Homestuck trolls, a huge revival of Hetalia (in part due to multiple Hetalia rp panels), comic book heroes, and Doctor Who characters. There was one Wreck it Ralph group, and quite a few Slendermen. I saw maybe five lolitas in two days? Somehow, there was a Nezumi and a Shion as well! My favorite was one Spiller cosplayer.

On Saturday, two of my friends were participating in a Doctor Who Q&A panel, and on Sunday I hosted a panel giving a brief intro to Japanese street fashion. Both ran smoothly and I took lots of photos. My panel went so well, in fact, that I am already planning out hosting another panel at Metrocon. My friends attended, and one of them really helped me out, asking all the right questions to keep the discussion flowing.


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