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It’s been a long time since I’ve organized my various coords and selfies haha

Starting with: My Effie Trinket costume from New Year’s Ever


Next: My dolly kei coord. It was supposed to be more dolly but it came out all cpk with some black accents. Bleh. Was too warm for my blood-red sweater or forest green shawl. Tights are a nice deep floral mix. (this was well after my lipstick came off and most of my blush had faded. I usually do smoky brown on the lids and pink rimming underneath my eyes plus intense blush for a dolly look)


Then, one day I wore cute black and white polka dots with red tights! I also had lots of red hairbows. When it’s cold out, I layer my tights. That day I was wearing white underneath the red. I also put on a nice black blazer over my cardi!


And finally, my casual favorite. I was channeling my fav 90s anime characters with teased bangs, and a layered boyfriend cardi over black jeggings.


Those earrings are soooo heavy. (clip-ons >.<) I only wear them for pictures haha.






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Hair growth progress- As of June 2015- I regularly trim my own bangs and they look amazing- choppy and short. The split ends have ruined lives and murdered small children. I haven't had a proper salon cut since July 2013. I might get a trim of 4ish inches by the end of the summer? I'm lazy.



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