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3-13-14: I read on EGL that Bodyline was having a free shipping promotion, so I went and checked out their inventory and see if anything caught my eye. Onepiece dress L213 was very cute and I had been eyeing it for a while, so I ordered it.

Price: ¥2,999  Shipping (Air mail): Free


4-7-14: Dress received. 4 weeks and 4 days (My last order last year took about 4 weeks to arrive. I don’t believe I did airmail, though)

The dress is cute, just as expected. It just requires a bell-shaped petti…which I don’t have. It looks equally good without any petti or with absolute minimal poof, as a nice sweet floral dress. I was hoping to wear it more himegyaru style but the lace screams sweet Lolita.


The bag was pretty torn up all down one side. Thank goodness they double bag because this could have been bad! This is the local postal system’s fault, but I am still surprised. With all the online shopping I do, I’ve never seen a bag in this condition.

IMG_2262 IMG_2265

Front of the dress and detail of bodice~ Check out that rose lace. It’s on many Bodyline garments. I like it very much.

I’m top heavy and I was able to fit easily in the top, but it does look strained. Take care to wear a tighter bra and watch for too much uniboob.


Sleeve- this polka-dot lace lines the hemline too!!

The sleeves are SERIOUSLY tight and too short. They are dainty little cap sleeves that barely go down my shoulder, which would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that the elastic is both itchy and overly tight. I had deep grooves on my arm after a day of wear ):

IMG_2268 IMG_2267

Back- mmm look at that shirring.



(super quick lazy photo. Mega deflated bodyline petti in use)


The dress doesn’t wow me. It fully meets my expectations, save the sleeves. Seams all around the bodice are pretty itchy, the lace is the usual Bodyline quality. Meh. I like it, I’m going to wear it frequently as a casual dress, not full Lolita. I’m glad I caught it during the no-shipping campaign, since I ended up paying only $30USD for it.

Bottom Line: I would rec this dress to others, but check your measurements thoroughly first and think about if the sleeves will bug you/if you are ready to make adjustments to make them more comfortable.





I recently explored a new vintage store not far from downtown- La France! A friend of mine had bought prom dresses there in the past, and I had received little trinkets from there as gifts before, but I usually avoid that part of town (mostly late-night entertainment)

Beyond parking issues, I had a blast!! The store was wall-to-wall clothes, in every decade and pricepoint. They had gowns from 200, right down to sundresses and cocktail dresses under 30.

I needed a prom dress, and luckily, they were running a promotion of 20% any dress if intended for prom usage. I rummaged through at least half the racks haha until I found 4 possibilities. Two were lacy, off-the-shoulder pale prints. I nixed those for length and color issues. I found the perfect floor-length dress that needs only minor alterations. Now, to buy shoes and a necklace! (And maybe opera gloves)

One of the employees even sat there and talked Japanese fashion mags with me! Everyone was very helpful.

Beyond the prom dress, I always walked out with an authentic 70s Gunne Sax dress!

IMG_2210 IMG_2213

I placed my very first order with Bodyline. I bought a necklace from the “last one” section, petticoat pan049 and dress 1447 in blue (gre)

I used DHL instead of EMS, since right now shipping is $10. I placed the order on March 25th, and received the package on April 13th. The pricing was reasonable, with the dress costing somewhere around $50. The petticoat was %27, and the necklace was $7.

Customer Service/communication: 5/5

I quickly received confirmation emails, and was able to use the tracking number to check its progress. I never encountered any problems.

Speed- 4/5

I wasn’t in any hurry, so 3 weeks seemed reasonable. It came just in time for Khaotic Kon, but then I decided not to wear it.

Packaging- 5/5


There was no noticeable damage, and each item was neatly packed into individual bags.

Construction 4/5

There were many loose threads and frays by the end of the first wear. On the other hand, the zipper is well hidden to the side and does not get stuck. (as opposed to my last dress, which had it right down the back, and jammed frequently)

The fabric is a nice and sturdy herring bone pattern, slightly nicer than just cotton. I assumed it would be a thinner fabric, but the quality of the garment is very satisfactory.

I’m also glad to see that the color is faithful to the website’s images.

There are many nice details to the dress, especially on the neckline. As you can see, the buttons are shaped like roses, and are surrounded by decent quality lace.

The sleeve is edged in lace as well, and looks very nice when worn.

As for the petticoat……wow. I didn’t expect so much poof from a $27 petti. I wore it for several hours and it hardly deflated. The only drawbacks are it is incredibly short and itchy!  I was surprised by its length, and feel a little disappointed that I can’t wear it with my longer dress. It’s still worth buying, but I really need a good pair of bloomers to wear under it in order to tolerate how itchy is can be, especially around the waistband.

Finally, the necklace! It looks pretty, but the chain is plastic and not metal. I have yet to wear it because minutes after removing it from its packaging, the chain broke. I haven’t had a chance to break out the pliers and repair it. I may end up buying a new chain to hang the pendant on.

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