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I’ve talked about mascara before, but today’s trip to Ulta reinvigorated me. I walked in with three 20% off coupons in hand which means, naturally, that I didn’t buy anything. The local store just remodeled! They added 3 or so new drugstore brands (yay) but truncated the existing brands, cut half of NYX away, and put the ulta brand against the wall where the new checkout line is (not yay). No more end caps with pastel lipsticks *pouts* The new layout seems more heavy on the perfume, but maybe that will change after the holidays

Moving on!

Both drugstore and high end brands were showing off some wonderful colorful mascaras today, so I felt like making a short masterpost. Interestingly enough, many brands have purple and blue available.

A word to the wise: Do not bother with Sally Girl brand mascara. It’s under a buck each and has cute mini sized packaging but its more like chalk than mascara…dry as heck and doesn’t even apply.

My old favorite: Maybelline Great Lash in blue, green, and pink (see older post)

Butter London-  Wink Mascara ($20) Link

butter london mascara

(From left to right: Pistol Pink, Cheerio, Jaded Jack, Chav, Inky, and British Racing Green)

I also saw a lovely mid-range purple in store but it is not listed on their website. From the tester I checked out, it seemed thick and sparkly, with a very pigmented pop of color. Reviews on the butter London website vary. They sing praise of the deeper blue, but one user complained that the pink wasn’t bright enough. I’m surprised by the yellow! Who would have thought that color would have such impact! But it looked great in store.

2B Colours- Colors Make a Difference Mascara ($7.99) Link

2b colour mascara

(Left to right,Top row: Fuchsia, Lilac, Turquoise, Bottom row: Azure Blue, China Blue, Jade)

Not shown: Prune, Grey Blue

It took me entirely too long to realize this is a European brand. It doesn’t seem to have an online shop. This may be more limited by which American stores carry it.

Hard Candy

hard candy

A brand I’ve never tried but have heard good things about. Drugstoreprincess recs their concealer. I found blue, purple, silver, and glittery mascara for around $6 on the Walmart website

NYX Cosmetics- Color Mascara ($7) Link


(Left to right: Perfect Pear, Mint, Tea Rose Pink, Coral Reef, and Lavender)

Darn it! I have yet to see these irl. I love them! (Not shown: blue, purple and chocolate brown)

Ironically, while typing up this post, I discovered white eyelash primers for the first time. (I dunno. My routine has always been curl then apply mascara. For black or brown, a primer seems necessary? But for a wacky color, this could make the difference and seriously boost cheaper mascaras!)

E.L.F. has a primer for $3 (Reviews flip flop on if it does come out of the tube white)

NYX’s primer for $7

Ben Nye has a white mascara (Not for primer purposes. I just found it cool)


So my favorite eyeshadow OF ALL TIME….had an accident in my bag.


Funny, of all the Covergirl, Ulta, and misc. eyeshadows I’ve ever owned, my favorite has still been this cute compact I bought at Beya (a very cheap and glittery jewelry store) for a buck. Idk the brand but they do bear the name “Starry u.s.a.”  It has nice shades of tan, brown, and a white that is nicely pigmented and longer lasting. Gosh.


(Idk why they are all sideways) I went back to Beya today to see if I could get some more, since I had bought it maybe four years ago?? The two square ones to the right are my original eyeshadows and the two to the left are brand new. All cost one dollar each. The bottom left one is nice because is has a mirror on the back of the package, and that top row of colors is actually raised. (Two tiers haha it looks nice) The one above it has cutesy packaging, but I’m not loving how all four colors touch each other with no separation. I always manage to mix my colors even with plastic dividers….


Above is a comparison between the off-white from a new package and my old, reliable white.

The two-tiered package has camel, two (almost the same) shades of blue, a purply-brown, one veryyy sparkly black, a light chocolate, a burnt sienna, and then a larger section of a creamy yellow. The four-color package has a dusty rose, off-white, deep purple, and black. All are shimmery.

I tried some of the off-white and it seems to have the same pigmente but sheer coverage of the old eyeshadow. I haven’t tried the rest but I have found that this brand does browns very well, but pinks tend to be too sheer. I don’t like their navy, so I doubt I’ll be using the blues or the blacks. All in all, I HIGHLY prefer these to Covergirl brand, which has continually dissapp

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