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Keep in mind~ this is based on what fashion blogs mentioned and what I observed in street snaps, magazines, and shop collections. (Upon digging back into old posts, I realize none of this applies to Himekaji and Romagyaru/more sweet feminine brands A/W 2013 but oh well! For some reason I continue to associate 2013 with Onee gyaru)

Gyaru toward the end of 2013 was edging into Onee style very intensely. This was before the collapse of the magazines at the heart of the fashion, so mags like Jelly, Blenda, and other Onee selections were big. Egg was…egg…and there felt like there was a divide between mainstream-leaning Popteen with high school looks versus the mature “older sisters” that inhabited shops and photo shoots. I attribute Onee trends with the rise of brown, more natural looking false lashes and the popularity of cat eye and other quieter winged eyeliner instead of the bright eyeshadow you find in Egg ca. 2009.

Winter 2013, to me, feels like this:

Colors~ Black, Navy, Bright Blue (all paired together) Nudes, Cream.

Pattern~ Houndstooth. Geometric.

This was the main emergence of the supremacy of the Crop top X high-waisted bottom trend. Picture it. A solid crop tee with high-waisted houndstooth pencil skirt, paired with strappy wedge heels and statement sunglasses. Large, floppy handbag.

Or, and this look is still very present, Crop blouse (of some basic pattern and neutral color) paired with high-waisted, crisp ironed pants. (Or, if the blouse is a bright shade, tan or sand colored pants with pop of color on lips/remnants of coral blush trend) Long coats and the high waistline prevents too much midriff from showing, making it a trendy but not wholly unprofessional look (Not for work, but to look stylish in a fancy restaurant!)

I thought matching crop top X accent skirt sets were darling, especially when in matching blue patterned prints. ~~The tops often featured faux-halter styles (how do I describe them? They are cut closer to the neck and have a tight, high neckline)


Now,  following the decline in magazines, this year’s trends are a bit more divided. There was a great post made by gyaru-coordinates about Autumn collections, which listed tartan and rich reds and burgundy are the It colors. But now, each brand seems to be doing their own thing. Autumn flew by quickly and some winter collections seem to have nothing in common with Autumn.

Brands like D.I.A. and the more hardline punk or kurogal brands continue with their classic look. Liz Lisa is in a sea of perfectly generic cutesy sweet brands. I’m a bit disappointed. Beyond their trademark floral and makeup lines, what do they offer over, say, Amavel or Ank Rouge?

I’m really digging Pastels as released by Swankiss (arguably the leaders, not terribly uniquely gyaru though) and Onespo (so innovative and constantly experimenting!) I know Swankiss is technically gal, but hoo boy! Compare their style to Glavil or Thirteen Japan!

Colors~ Lavender, baby blue, cotton candy pink

Trends: Fluffy coats, platform shoes, heart details, **cotton ball earrings and accessories**


I wonder what Mars is doing right now. Ageha lives on but agejo has been sidelined in favor of casual wear.

I suspect for basically the rest of society, it’s business as usual with dark colors, coats, tights, and scarves. But one can dream of the impractical pastel cute world of shop staff.


Spring is wonderful. It’s so warm and sunny and I get to tan on the beach starting tomorrow or the next day. Bought a new pair of sunglasses, a cute coverup, and nicer bathing suit pieces. I’m ready to go!
Vintage shopping. Ganguro makeup….

I feel excited and restless so I wore heavy makeup. Bring it on world! Maybe I’ll dance for a while and play Animal Crossing. gotta make these vacation days count!


I don’t know why I keep dragging my heels on this post. Perhaps I’m not sure what tone to use, what light to cast these events in? Certainly, there were some major clunkers but I should instead sit here in awe of what great opportunities this presented me with.


Onto the main attraction: I was in a local fashion show!

994958_630411943663876_1988245742_n[1] 1451600_446855428748681_1794620461_n[1]

So back during Metrocon, some people came up to me after my panel and asked me to be a stylist in their Japanese Street Fashion show. So I started attending committee meetings and fell in love with the group. It’s the J-club of a local college not too far from downtown. I was the stylist, as well as a model, for gyaru. The two models I was working with were so so nice and honestly if I went to that school, they probs would be the people I’d hang out with.

I provided all of the clothing. Those two were dressed in kogal attire, with makeup and hair based off old Egg scans. I tried to emulate the Black Diamond girls, earning myself the nickname “Boots with the Fur.” Other style groups represented were Lolita, Shironuri, Bosozoku, Rockabilly, Visual Kei, and Avant Garde.

So that Saturday, I arrived at the meeting room at 10am. We sat around, got dressed in our outfits (dumb in retrospect. I should have changed juuuust right before hair and makeup. I was so sweaty after rehearsing and helping setup), and ended up killing time for hours. We practiced our walks and skits with music and helped arrange tablecloths and decorations for tables in the ballroom.

Around 1pm the hair and makeup crew from a local cosmetics school arrived, set up their gear on some tables, and got to work. It was a free-for-all essentially. Stand in a huddle and get your look finished by 5pm. As stylist, I hopped around, observing my two models, providing reference photos and making comments to the stylists before getting my own hair and makeup done. It took hours getting everyone ready- we finished just in time for a brief dress rehearsal on stage.


(My makeup looks alright in this pic, save the ridiculous plastic, untrimmed false lashes, but tbh I could have done better myself. Next year, should I do gyaru again, I will do the makeup for myself and my models. This woman had a hissy fit bc she couldn’t find her pencil sharpener and couldn’t figure out how to use liquid liner. Whut.)

For some unknown reason, the actual show started an hour late. A dance team from another college and a martial arts group gave presentations before we hit the stage. After us there were taiko drummers, a performance by Chii Sakurabi, more dancers, and a Vocaloid hologram concert. All this and a provided dinner for a free event! I was asked to help serve food once my segment was over, so I used it as a chance to scope out the crowd. I saw an internet friend, girls from the local loli group, and a Lolita wearing an Atelier Enchanteur (Now Belladonna) octopus skirt!

All in all, it was a great experience and I hope this can get me in contact with my next big thing. I hope I can participate again next year. I feel like it was helping and will continue to spur my growth as a gyaru.


My modelling debut

This is like half-review, half-rant, so bear with me. These are the items that help me achieve a positively glowing fake-fake-tan look for ganguro/manba purposes.

****Ben Nye Professional Crème Colors white clown lite compact: Super versatile and convenient. This is actually part of my homestuck cosplay supplies. I wear it as a base before my grey ben Nye layer. It is a cream/grease makeup and does get oily. I use it for reverse panda makeup, and it does have a bit of an issue around my eyelids. My creases get super oily and the white cream doesn’t stick well, so I frequently reapply. On my cheeks, however, it is effective. I also use it as lipstick, applying it with a small E.L.F. brush.

E.L.F. Contouring blush and bronzer: Slightly sparkly but not overwhelming, the bronzer side of the compact is the darker of my two favorite bronzers. I actually got this in last holiday’s gift bundle, but never used it until summertime. It stays mostly matte and lasts hours. For a powder, it isn’t too bad about rubbing off on everything I touch.

Wet N Wild Bronzzer: This thing is ANCIENT wow. I found it in my mom’s drawer, where it had to have been for at least six years, if not more. Whereas the E.L.F. bronzer looks brown in the pan, this one appears way more orange. I use this one over my foundation as the start of my orangeness, with the other bronzer to highlight (enhance? emphasize?) finer details. It’s pretty old and crumbly but I like the color. Rubs off like crazy, though.

Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation in 110 ivory: I’m actually going to buy new foundation soon. This is my old one that used to oxide on my skin and slowly turn orange throughout the day. I wear it with gyaru knowing that the oxidation will kick in when I need it and it makes a good base. This foundation lasts HOURSSSS like the claims are real. I’ve had it last mostly flawlessly for like 11 hours straight. Now, if only it came in a better color/formula for my oily skin…

(Sidenote~ Revlon Photoready concealer also turns red/orangey on my skin, so I sometimes use that to blend in around my jawline, but not always. With all the bronzer I use, it’s kind of unnecessary. Once again, a failed daily makeup product that I haven’t ditched yet.)

Ulta eyeshadows in seaside and cobalt: These two blue eyeshadows are sooo close in color, but cobalt has a slightly more teal than true blue feel to them. Seaside is perfect Vriska blue. I use them interchangeably. They look nice for the old-school blue eye look. They crease a bit but I think that’s more my skin type and eye shape. (My eye shape is complicated sometimes bc lack of good eyelid space)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk:  I haven’t used this much yet. I have heard good reviews and it seems to be a go-to item for gyaru makeup. The thick tip and creamy texture seems good for highlighting the eyes and other smaller needs, but I doubt it’s ideal for huge eye circles like the Ben Nye is. I am interested to see how I can incorporate this pencil into my regular routine.

I’m not even gonna talk mascara because in my heart, there are only 3 mascaras for me (All Maybelline, of course….One by One, Falsies, and Great lash)


E.L.F. Eyelid primer: I use this every time I wear eye makeup. Oh yes.

E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen: It is not waterproof and actually dries up really quickly, but this was always my go-to marker for lining eyes. The tip is thin enough for precision but can split and fray really easily. Will definitely rebuy. It’s like 1 buck so when it wears out, no biggie to replace it. It’s worth the effort. Long lasting and a nice black color (until it dries out, then it’s a flimsy grey) NOTE: this is not that crappy one with the 3 part tip. That one reeks.

Rimmel London Soft Kohl kajal eye liner pencil: I have it in white and black. These babies got me through my early makeup years. I have since ditched them for better liners and eyeshadows, but I used to use the white ones for cosplay purposes and for the corners and waterline of my eyes. Too nostalgic to forget. Long lasting, easily glides on. They come in a lot of good colors. Rimmel is my favorite for normal pencils.

Various Claire’s cosmetics: I’m too cheap to throw anything away. I have a little tub of silver glitter from there. My fav eyelash curler is from there (I hate hate hate the E.L.F. ones). I have this super sheer and shimmery eyeshadow pencil that is good for drawing under-eye bags that are trendy right now.



Whenever you try out a new style, it is highly recommended to compile media that inspires you- be it music, pictures, videos, online shops, blogs, etc.. By collecting pictures, you can get a better idea of what exact items you want, what makeup looks to experiment with, and pretty much where to sink your money.

Obviously, I partook in this step months and months ago, but tonight I randomly felt like sharing it. (Wouldn’t this be more apropro on my gyaru tumblr? Maybe. Now shut up)

Part 1

Many people look to magazine models, shop girls, and prominent bloggers as role models, for good reason. Many of them are paid and/or expected by their jobs to be charismatic leaders of each style, always on the cutting edge of trends. It is also fun to follow models of years past, to see the evolution in style.

My muses: Buriteri, Gehako, Akira

Like, do I even have to explain Buriteri? Any old-school enthusiast could point to her as a great icon. I do prefer her a bit over Ka-tan, just because I don’t dig Kanae Watanabe’s new look.

Gehakooooo <3 <3 I love her blog. One of the last prominent manbas and a model for egg <3 Her style is so outlandish but trendy. I saw a pic of her in a school uniform recently that made me fall in love all over again. Her look is harsh and in-your-face compared to new pale models. She’s rocked so many alba rossa- heavy, yarn-dreaded, many-piercinged looks over the years. MAJOR inspo for an aspiring yamamba in 2013.

There was a cool interview with Kera model Akira recently on yt about her gender expression and woooow. I don’t really care much for the boystyle hip-hop looks, but she is just so cool. Charismatic in a detached but graceful and sexy way. She is the epitome of the effortlessly cool individual. Her attitude and presence on the ages draws my eyes to her every issue. It’s no wonder she’s one of the magazine’s most popular models!!

I don’t know their exact names, but gyaru-sa members of the old Angeleek, ViViD, and those new Black Diamond girls are the greatest. I could go on for hours about how I think Bdia is what is eventually going to save Gyaru from total extinction.

Part 2: Music and dancing

My workout/para para dancing playlist, as it stands, is pretty impressive. I love the quick beats and oh goodness Dave Rodgers is wonderful. The lyrics aren’t so important to me as that 90s feel.

I like learning (mega simple) dances, especially to iconic songs like “Night of Fire” and that Angeleek song by Kyon.

Initial D megamixes on youtube have about the same effect. The mixing isn’t always quality but in a pinch when my Ipod is dead, nothing’s better to get me in the gyaru mood.

Alternatively titled: I almost went to the wrong hotel.

So I had everything planned out- my con schedule included walking downtown to get food and everything, since I thought it was at the downtown Hilton. Got a phone call around 8 in the morning that it was actually at a local Hyatt up the road. So there I was, curling my hair, and desperately calling and texting everyone I knew about the correct location. Yikes. Well, my hair ended up looking like limp noodles but everyone made it there ok so success.


(My clothes say Lolita but my eyes say help)

Now, this year’s hotel was hella ritzy. Right on the coast with a boardwalk right to the water. Expensive restaurant. Main lobby that was under construction? Yep. It made the hallways awfully hard to navigate. We walked in circles before just planting ourselves on a couch and people watching.

Downstairs was the registration line and a hallway leading to one staircase and the line for main events. Upstairs was a narrow hallway leading to artist alley, the two panel rooms, and two video game rooms. I also think autograph signing was up there? But the main celebrity panels were downstairs. One video game room had tvs set up with games like Skullgirls and a DDR machine and…..PROJECT DIVA!!! I played a few songs…mainly BRS.


The next room over was full of PCs with games preloaded….League of Legends, TF2, etc… Plus it had a screen where they were viewing amvs.

Now, you may be wondering “But where is the vendor room?” Well. Not even remotely inside the hotel, but rather in a giant tent in a parking lot behind it. Thank goodness there was air-conditioning and fans inside!! It was pretty nasty hot, the usual early October-remnants-of-September-weather


(You guys act like you’ve never organized a con before)

Somehow, I did not spend a single cent in the vendor’s room. I did not buy anything beyond my ticket all day.

Popular costumes this year were SNK, Free!, and the dingle romps (Dangan Ronpa). BUT there also was an increase in Scott Pilgrims, quite a few lolitas, and the usual homestucks (mainly promstuck). My favorite costumes were this one amazing Mew Ichigo and a great guro Lolita. I was wandering around with a good-sized Homestuck group (Rose, GT John, Roxy, Bro, Dave, GT Jade, John) so that’s where I gravitated. I even saw a few Sgt. Frogs…


(the main hallway at about 11am)

Now obviously the con center was water fountains, but I thought it was nice that Shado was water coolers and cups placed in the hallways as usual. The only food option was outside (I brought subway so I never went out there). In past years they’ve done this too but this year it was really convenient.

My panel went well, as usual…I still have a few things to smooth out, and I freaking left my notes in the room *cries* but I had a bunch of fun and I think the audience enjoyed it decently.



After about 4, however, we got bored and left to go to the local International Mall, where we ran into many con people. Going to public spaces in cosplay is always fun.


I’m just too tired to write this right now, but it’s my only chance until a week from now so hey! I’ll try to remain mostly coherent.

The vendor room seemed lackluster this year. Nothing Lolita really, and I didn’t even bother looking at mangas. For once, I hardly spent any money at all. I bought one OreImo blind box and got Kuroneko on my first try!! That and a ring from a local loli and two sea salt icecream lollipops were my total loot the first day.


(Ain’t we cute?)

Now, onto cosplay.

This year saw a rise in Black Butler, with a slight decline in Homestuck. I saw some Off and a bit more Dangan Ronpa, but not in overwhelming amounts (like how Hetalia or Homestuck once were). I saw 2(!!!!!) people cosplaying the protag from Pokémon Coliseum and 2 girls doing Amulet Spade. My favorite was a girl dressed as Rea from Sankarea, however. The majority seemed to be doing comic book characters or general fandom cosplays (the usual, like Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece….) Notable exceptions being the various Attack On Titan cosplayers and the three in artist alley doing Les Mis characters. Naturally, I was the only gyaru.

I hosted my second panel ever on Saturday. At 12, the local Lolita group held a Lolita 101 panel, which ran 45 minutes too long, and had planned on a swap meet. So the swap meet didn’t really happen….but I STILL managed to snag 2 pairs of Metamorphose socks. Omg! My first brand items.

My panel ran smoothly, with a few super-attentive audience members. The room was mostly full when I started, and didn’t empty out too much. It was nearly triple what I had at Shadocon- since this time I was running it at 2 on a Saturday. Overall, I think I’ve improved. I covered Gyaru, Mori Girl, and Shironuri in my slide show, but we also discussed Cult Party Kei, Fairy Kei, and Dolly Kei. (Thank goodness Chapman in CPK was there to help me out with the Dolly explanation)

On Friday I was dressed at Ciel Phantomhive.  I ran into Ellie and Robyn from Anime America Podcast. Holy shit!! Sadly, my friends started getting really immature at that moment, not realizing that she wasn’t just “a” Robyn but “THE” Robyn. Whoopsies.


On Saturday I was dressed in Manba? My aim was Yamamba, but most people asked me if I was a ganguro, which really is a catch-all term these days. I thought I looked cute~ I danced para para a little bit after the panel, out in a hallway. At first only this one ((creepy)) guy came to watch, but then some moms with young daughters came up and encouraged them to dance with me. I got lots of cute videos and blurry photos.

IMG_0154                             IMG_1645

Many of my friends went fencing this year (yknow, where there’s a balloon on your helmet that your opponent is trying to pop- not legit fencing) which was cool. I went to an animal crossing panel (more info about that at and my friends’ gaming panel.

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