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Content warnings for this book- warning for mentions of abuse, misgendering, etc

Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic. Despite some obscure Australian slang, this book very clearly communicates a very-overlooked idea; intersex teens deserve autonomy. Plagued by controlling, manipulative parents and bullies at school, sassy and independent Alex takes charge in creating the life she desires.

For all the depictions of harassment, abuse, and barely veiled homophobia, there are positive moments in her story, such as the warm reception she receives at her new school, and a supportive friend determined to see her succeed. Alex As Well was charming, quirky, and ended on a high note. The writing balances Alex’s wit and charisma with her mother’s venom in a way that clearly draws a line between right and wrong.

10/10 Would recommend, especially since the topic of intersex teens is so absent in lgbt aimed YA titles.


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